February 3, 2012

The Month in Review: January’s New Reads, Food Allergy Warnings & Fun!

It’s already the 4th of February - high time to review what happened in January I should think.... Well, it was a bit of a chaotic month for me filled with new opportunities, life changes and buckling down. That was all well and good but then on the very last week I discovered that I was going to have to move house! Aghast! I’ve been in my house for more than 6 years and in the area for almost 10! But with the right tinted glasses I can see this as an opportunity to maybe move to the northside of Dublin. I have long felt Survival Guide to be a bit southside heavy purely because it’s my main drag and so, what better way to research the northside of the city than to move right into the middle of it!?
Other than my personal upheaval, January was a month of gossip and news flashes with some allergen free sweets to tempt your post-Christmas taste buds (not HALF as much as I had thought - my guilt must have been related to my own cravings & indulgences!) and some ideas and product tastings in hopes of finding Gluten Free (and Dairy Free, etc.) breakfasts worth waking up for!

Jan 16: Going to Nando’s - Ask for the Ingredients Book for Full Allergen Listings!

Jan 9: A Worthy Repeat - Dairy Free Caramel Flavoured Choices
Jan 18: Siesta Carob Bars - Sugar Free, Tasty & Naturally Caffeine Free

Jan 4: ‘Medicinal Cookery’ by Dale Pinnock - The Real Scoop on Super Foods
Jan 11: All About Oreo & It’s Overseas Allergens
Jan 13: Gossip & Gatherings: What’s Been Going On Allergy-Wise
Jan 20: Gossip & Gatherings Cont... Raw Vegan Restaurant & Events
Jan 27: What I’m Reading: Fresh Starts, Free From Recipes & The World of Restricted Diets

Jan 23: Gluten Free Breakfast (Vegan)
Jan 30: The Search Continues: Gluten Free Breakfast Worth Waking Up For

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