August 6, 2012

Hello! I’m Back...

Hello my lovely readers. I saw this little cartoon here on "Oh My Words' and thought of you or rather me...or rather my very lonely blog. I’m so sorry that I have been gone for soooo long. What can I say? Life got in the way. There’s been a few ups (new job, lots of wedding planning) a lot of downs (bereavements, and the sadness and lack of motivation that goes with it) and despite a lot of Food Allergy Friendly discoveries I’ve simply had little to no time to write because of sheer exhaustion. I have been soooo tired. 

BUT, Thank you for all your comments, likes and emails! I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to get back on track because I have SO much to share with you! I’ve seen lots of new products; new flavours of old favourites; amazing arrays of Dairy Free, Egg Free and Gluten Free sorbets (in every direction that I look!).

There are some awesome new restaurant finds like the Bay in Clontarf that I’m dying to try out (totally Allergy Friendly and comprehensive menu!!) and some great Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Gluten Free meals in town (favourite dish of the moment is definitely the Dairy Free deep fried squid in black pepper from Saba for pescetarians and seafood lovers alike - Oh My Goodness it’s direct from Yum Town). 

I went on a Pizza making course which showed me some great ways to make your Cheese-less pizza win a Gold Medal and even just this morning I whipped up a sandwich of dreams to rival any evil Parma Ham/Cheese Croissant (my flatmate G. made me VERY envious with his full house of ingredients recently but I think I definitely fought back today!)

The idea was very easy and traditional:
What I wanted was a toasted sandwich with cheese and ham.
What I made was a lightly toasted and fried bagel with a sunny side up corn fed free range egg, Tesco’s Italian Salami, Tesco’s Roasted Onion hummous and a grind or two of fresh black pepper.

The key for me was to press down the middle of the bagel to fit the egg into neatly before toasting and to use the runny yellow egg yolk to satisfy my visual need for cheese and get my bang from the onion hummous (best hummous on the planet for sandwiches) and salami. It was simple, it was rustic and it tasted damn good. It’s already Dairy Free, and Tomato Free (and Nut Free if you can tolerate Sesame), but could easily be made Wheat Free and Gluten Free as well with a bagel substitute.

So anyway, the long and short of it is that I’m back and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things :D