About Me

Hello! I'm Aurea.

I'm also Canadian by birth but have been living in Ireland since 1998. I come from a long and diverse line of food allergy sufferers and have personally been catagorized as allergic to cow's milk since the yonder year of 1979. Through the years I have been recommended to refrain from a GREAT variety of foods. I have done this with zest, relapses, pain and pleasure. But I can honestly say that life is better 'without' and it does get easier if you just stick with it! The fruits of this labour (a.k.a this blog) will hopefully make your life of restriction a much fuller, easier and happier one. See My Experiences w/ Food Allergy Tests & the Obstacle of Sticking With It for more on my personal food allergy trials, tribulations and successes.
Bon Appetit!

P.S. if you want to contact me directly you can find me a few different ways:
facebook: Survival Guide: Dublin with Food Allergies
twitter: @allergyguide
email: aurea.conroy@gmail.com