January 11, 2012

All About Oreo & It’s Overseas Allergens

I never cared much for Oreo cookies ... perhaps a subconscious dislike relating to an irritating, mis-applied nickname in school, or a rebellion against their mainstream popularity in Canada ... whatever the reason, I always found them too ‘everything’. The biscuit was too dense, and too dark. The sugar was too sweet, the filling had too much of that strange artificialness and they stick in my teeth way too much. However, when I’m desperate I’m desperate and during my time in India, where every sweet known to the country seemed to contain dairy, I found myself buying a pack of Oreo cookies. I remember almost liking them broken up into an ice cream once during childhood and I knew that they were a popular Vegan treat in the American blogosphere so, Dairy Free and sweet being the only prerequisite, down the hatch they went.

Yuck. Still too artificial for me, even in a moment of need. Especially the filling, which is usually my favourite part of a biscuit but I know that I am only one against a mass of Oreo lovers so when I got home to Ireland I picked up a pack so I could write all about it. But, to my surprise, it would seem that Oreo Cookies contains milk in Ireland! Maybe everybody already knows this but I feel the need to share this for any overseas readers who might unwittingly pick up a pack of their tried and trusted go-to-snack, expecting them to be a safe haven.

Likewise, if you are travelling abroad and always wondered about this iconic biscuit, by all means, dig in! Because they are definitely Dairy Free and Vegan in America and India at least - I'm assuming Canada too, but it's been a long time ;)

That’s it. That’s all I want to say: Oreo cookies contain milk in Ireland. ... and naturally this also reminds me to call out a warning to everybody yet again - read read read the ingredients on EVERYTHING you buy and eat because not only are ingredients prone to change, but they can even change country to country, let alone continent to continent, which was a new one for me!

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