January 9, 2012

A Worthy Repeat - Dairy Free Caramel Flavoured Choices

Many moons ago when Dublin with Food Allergies was still in its infancy I told you all about some wonderful Dairy Free sweets which were an impressive alternative to milk chocolate. At the time I had only seen them available in Restore, on Camden Street. Since then, I have found these little pieces of Caramel heaven difficult to locate. Although Restore do stock them from time to time they are not permanent residents of the shelves - but protest not! - Over the weekend as I was browsing the Free From shelf in Tesco (Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, Fairways) there in front of me, for €2.99, were my little dairy free diamonds (12 to a box). This is good news to Dairy Free Sweet Teeth everywhere!

- Dairy Free
- Gluten Free
- Wheat Free
- Egg Free
- Vegan
- Vegetarian

Of course I bought them despite my ‘healthy pledges’ of 2012 and savoured each one.

F. tried one too. Although he is not allergic or even intolerant to Dairy, he has been ‘reducing’ his dairy intake for health reasons. But he loves milk chocolate. Unfortunately, he only tried one sweet and refused more because, I quote, ‘milk free chocolate just isn’t worth it’ ... I however, reject this statement! Choices Caramel flavoured chocolates are very similar to my memory of milk chocolate. Sure, its not the REAL deal, and it has less of a mucus residue (wink), but when I eat them I genuinely feel like I just put my hand into a box of Roses and pulled out a caramel filled milk chocolate and to me, thats a damn good substitute. Of course, Booja Booja will always reign #1 but thats gourmet chocolate, which is a whole other kettle of fish.

My sister also agrees with me - but I suppose we have been Dairy Free for a loooong time and F. knows that he can technically have the real McCoy whenever he desires, which is completely unfair! But, as an outsider to the intolerant/allergic world, I thought his opinion worth a mentioning...

Caramel Flavoured Choices
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Fondant (Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water) Cocoa Mass, Rice Powder, (Rice Syrup, Rice Starch, Rice Flour), Invert Syrup, Inulin, Water, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavourings, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)

Nutritional Information per 100g:
Energy 1632kJ/387kcal
Protein 0.75g
Carboydrate 65.8g
Fat 13g


Tina said...

I am a big fan of these and I do agree that they are an awesome alternative to milk chocolate. I am vegan, so its true its been awhile since I have had real milk chocolate but much like you it sits well with my memory of milk chocolate. :)

I have also seen them in Nourish from time to time, the one in the GPO arcade. They tend to be quite expensive there however, ie closer to €5.

PS I also agree that Booja Booja reigns supreme - Hazelnut yum!! :)

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

ouch! €2.99 vs €5? I think that Tesco is going to win that one.. but I knew my sister and I couldn't be that off the mark - F.'s opinion has been deleted from my mind :) besides, he doesn't even like mint chocolate, so he's obviously wrong -ahhaha

princessbuttons said...

got these for easter! amazing but cant remember where i got them :(

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

Hi Princessbuttons! They are amaxzing! it's true!!
Restore on Camden street sometimes carries them and some tesco stores carry them too - definitely the one on the Fairways in Rathfarnham area have them

princessbuttons said...

i tracked them down :)