March 31, 2011

Restore – A Small but Well-Stocked Dublin Health Food Store

In addition to health food, supplements and the other expected fare which you are likely to find in most health shops in Dublin, Restore offers Food Allergy testing every Wednesday for €45 (this is not a blood test). You should book in advance but a place may be available if you are in the area so do check in if you are interested. I believe that the tester is also versed in acupuncture and even hypnosis, should you be feeling a bit experimental! But don't worry, I’m sure that you need to make a separate appointment for that ;)
After your food allergy test you will find that the shop is well stocked to help launch you into your new dietary awareness with a good range of free from foods like flours, biscuits, milks, teas and coffee substitutes, spreads and sweets covering the major food allergy offenders such as wheat free, gluten free, dairy free as well as sugar free, caffeine free, vegan and vegetarian diets. Although Restore is a compact shop and therefore possibly don’t stock everything you might want, I believe that they have a good range of available products and that you should be able to find most of what you’re looking for or a close relation to it at least.

Restore have friendly staff which are knowledgeable in the areas of diet, nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, skincare and naturopathy. I find the shop pleasant and well located on the bustling Camden Street which is especially handy for locals walking home (southbound) from the city centre after work. I have often found myself nipping in to pick up a few items on my journey home. Particularly worth noting are their fruit purees (a staple in my life) because Restore have some of the best prices in the city at €1.88 (every little helps as they say).

Restore stock a selection of all the usual suspects like grains, milks, biscuits, teas, coffee substitutes, cereals, spreads, sweets, cleaning products, skincare, supplements, etc… and a few extra special temptations like fresh and food allergy friendly Blazing Salads cookies and squares which are free from a host of common allergens. Also, you will usually find the ever delicious dairy free Caramel Choices chocolates which are so delicious in fact that Restore was recently sold out due to a very thoughtful boy buying up all of the stock for his free-from girlfriend (we should all be so lucky!). They are also one of the very few supplies of Soyatoo Rice Whip!

p.s they also have a nice selection of easter chocolates in stock at the moment (dairy free bunnies, booja-booja eggs as well as the chocolate free, caffeine free, sugar free, vegan Siesta carob eggs)

Restore Health Food Store
67 Camden St
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 475 9847
Opening Times: mon – fri 10:00-19:00; thurs 10:00-19:30; sat 10:00-18:00

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