September 11, 2010

Sugar Free Sweets & Yeast Free Savouries - Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads has become a household name among the food allergy and general health-food population in Dublin. This may seem strange for such a 'seemingly' small enterprise but Blazing Salads' home-base is literally packed out everyday. People flock to the city centre deli for their take-away salads, soups, breads, sweets and savouries as well as a small selection of ice creams (dairy free Booja Booja!) chocolates, cereal bars and snacks from different manufacturers. In addition to the fresh food deli they have frozen ready-meals available, an off location bakery that produces a variety of organic, yeast free breads which are sold in over 20 locations, a successful cookbook and a catering service.

Blazing Salads is primarily a wholefood, sugar free, yeast free vegetarian deli but the cream of their practice, in my food allergy influenced opinion, is that they list the ingredients on everything and mark each item according to it being:

- vegan
- dairy free
- egg free
- sugar free
- wheat free
- yeast free
- nut free

In 2005 one of the Blazing Salads proprietors, Pamela Fitzmaurice, won the Dublin Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award and since then it has been boom-time for their family run business . Although there is only one Blazing Salads location, which is definitely challenged by its square footage, the good news is in addition to their breads, the salads are also now available at five different Dublin locations:

- Art of Eating, Upr Georges St, Dun Laoghaire (For review see July 29th log: Health Food Café - Art of Eating, Dun Laoghaire)
- Artizan Cafe, Baggot St Bridge, D 2
- Artizan Cafe, Charlott Way, D 2.
- Cinnamon Cafe, Smithfield Sq, D 7.
- Select Stores, Tuppermore Rd, Dalkey.

This of course makes Blazing Salads an option for stay-in or take-out which is always a major benefit in rainy Dublin!

Blazing Salads
42 Drury Street
Dublin 2
tel: 01 671 9552
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 16:00; Sat 09:00 - 17:00

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Anonymous said...

Blazing salads is brilliant, I love the salads. Booja Booja icecream is awesome

Aurea Conroy said...

I couldn't agree more! :)