January 20, 2012

Gossip & Gatherings Cont... Raw Vegan Restaurant & Events

Moving & Grooving
A Little Update on Last Friday’s Post which you can see here
Word on the street is that Fresh is planning on re-locating but is just searching for a new venue. The biggest problem with Powerscourt is that they closed at 6pm which was no longer suitable to Fresh... possibly meaning some late night free from food on the menu?! ... but remember, these are still just rumours - I haven't heard anything direct from Fresh.


Also looking for a location is that much talked about Raw Vegan restaurant which I believe will be called ‘Aphrodisiac’. Síl from www.sseduced.com (and future proprietor of Aphrodisiac) confirmed for me that they are ready and waiting to open once they find an appropriate location, preferably in the Grafton Street or Temple Bar areas of Dublin 2. And to help Aphrodisiac get on its way here’s a tempting little offer from Sseduced: “We're looking for premises ready to go...If anybody sees anywhere suitable that they would like to recommend to us, they can kindly write to sil@sseduced.com. If we use the premises they recommend we'll reward them with a number of special meals and gifts from Sseduced!” So get your scouting hats on!

And if you can’t wait for that, then check out Sseduced’s monthly Raw Food Events (first one starting tomorrow, Jan 21st at 12:30pm. Also, Feb 2nd at 2pm!) which are like cooking-get-togethers and gives you a feel for what it’s like to be raw for a day with a cooking class, a demo, talk, gourmet meals! Check out the website for more information and booking: www.sseduced.com.


And yes, that ever important day is tight on our heels again. If you want your 2012 Valentine's to be a little more cool and a little less sappy (OR a little more fun and a little less lonely) check this out: Sseduced is also doing a Valentines Raw Vegan party for both singles and couples. Check out the video ad for it here www.sseduced.com - I love the boy bears voice! Now I’ll have to get on to F. and see if he would like a bossa nova filled February 14th this year!

P.S: When I refer to Aphrodisiac/Sseduced that means:

- Dairy Free
- Gluten free
- Wheat Free
- Sugar Free
- Soya Free
- Yeast Free
- Vegan
- Vegetarian
- Raw

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