August 3, 2011

July: The Month in Review - Life, Allergies & Free From Foods

I got so carried away with other Dairy free, Gluten free, Sugar free and Allergy-friendly things that I completely forgot July had ended... So, so long July and Happy August by the way! Sometimes with blogs I find that even if I read every post I often turn off my memory when I turn off the computer no matter how valuable the information. Hell, my Google Reader has so many starred items to return to that it’s become a black hole!

So if you’re the same as me, or if you missed a post or two, or if you just want a little reminder of all the safe places to go or the fun allergen-free bits and pieces you can try when you’re in or around Dublin (or even just Ireland, because we’re such a teensy island!) here’s a quick little clip of the month in review:

July 2nd: An Allergy Safe Day Out - Bray Head
July 4th: Gino’s Handmade Italian Gelato - Fresh Dairy Free Gelato - UPDATE!
July 15th: A Sunny Day in Malahide with an ‘Itsabagel’ Allergy Free Lunch

July 11th: Dairy Free & Gluten Free Chutneys with many Corn Free & other Allergy Friendly Options
July 13th: Superquinn - A Small Food Allergy Section but with Many Hidden Treasures
July 20th: When the Nibbles Gnaw & the Sweet-tooth Aches - ‘Against the Grain’ Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Egg Free Cookies
July 25th: When the Sweet Tooth Calls - A Few Easily Found Allergy-Friendly Options

July 8th: The Weekly Shop: Keeping My Food Allergy Free Bill Under €50
July 18th: Worth Reading: Good Gut Healing by Kathryn Marsden
July 21st: The Allergy Interviews - Martina Clarke - Vegan
July 29th: What I’m Reading: Going Sugar Free; Bloating & FODMAPS; Kitchen Ideas & Some Photographic Eye Candy
July 27th: A Spoonful of Sugar: Dietary Safety in the Hospital

And here’s to a wonderful August full of fun, healthy, allergen free food to tempt even the most restricted diet!

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