July 4, 2011

Gino’s Handmade Italian Gelato – Fresh Dairy Free Gelato – UPDATE!


Today is JUST the kind of day that will have Grafton Street’s new resident, Gino’s Handmade Italian Gelato, bursting at the seams with hot sun kissed customers looking to cool themselves with creamy smooth Gelato! ...If you have been following (last Thursday’s post), you will know that the food allergy information for Gino’s is not really clear cut and I was waiting on an answer from the head office about their soya based gelati and if there are any dairy free, gluten free and/or egg free options. Corn free is also one of our big concerns.

Soooo, although I haven’t had a complete answer on all of our food allergy concerns, Gino’s was very kind as to comment on Thursday’s post with the following:

"Hi all. Ginos offers different types of products. Some are made with no milk, others are soya based. The sorbets are made using water, but taste smooth like Gelato. Our problem is we are cautious about answers we give to people about products because the same machines are used to make all products, so technically there could accidentally be a trace amount of milk, sugar, or nuts in any of the servings. I apologize for our lack of information available on all of this but we are at the early stages of the opening of this shop. Our staff need to be trained. I will commit to having better information available on our web site in the next two weeks. I will also focus our attention on providing some beautiful soya based products and coming soon is a gelato suitable for diabetics. Thanks for your support."

So what does this all mean? Well, I suppose that it means the same as 'Made on a line that produces' food warnings. It’s understandable that all of Gino’s Gelati and Sorbets would be produced in the same machine, considering the size of the shop and the promise for freshly made products (Although it would be dreamy if they could make the sorbets or soya based flavours on one machine and the dairy-rich ones on another, but that might not be possible..and nuts and soya allergies would still be a problem - oh we have SO many food allergies in the world! - sigh). All we can hope for is that the machines are thoroughly washed in between flavours but cross-contamination is obviously something to be aware of. A lovely thing that I noticed is that each flavour on display has its own scoop for serving so this definitely minimizes some of the cross-contamination potential but do please beware, especially if you have anaphylactic reactions, of what Gino’s have told us.

Anyway, hope this helped! And thank You Gino's for sharing this information with us! -I look forward to your updated website.

Gino’s Homemade Italian Gelato
34B Grafton Street
Dublin 1
tel: (01) 201 1703
web: www.ginosgelato.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ginosgelato

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