July 2, 2011

An Allergy Safe Day Out - Bray Head

Over the last month or so I have reviewed two food allergy friendly restaurant /cafe locations in southern Dublin (more commonly known as Wicklow!). And now that the sun is thinking of shining again I think that a hassle-free food-allergy-friendly day out is in order! What I suggest is this:
First get a one-way ‘Dart’ ticket to Greystones and have a lovely light lunch in The Happy Pear. The food is wholesome and definitely packed with taste! But don’t eat too much or you won’t be able for the rest of the day!

After wandering around and exploring Greystones, which is a picture perfect little town, head down to the temporarily ghastly construction site on the waterfront (change can be ugly before its pretty!) and find the entry to the Bray Head Walk. At first it seems like you’re going somewhere prohibited, but there is a map at the start so fear not, it’s the right direction!

And start your easy and very enjoyable hike to Bray. The walk takes you around Bray Head skirting the coast all the way. It’s really beautiful and the terrain is quite easy to handle.

The walk takes about 2 hours at a steady, but not too fast, pace. But even giving yourself time to rest along the way and take in the scenery it still should not take you more than 3 hours from start to finish at the absolute most.

There are a few different routes which are marked out on the Bray map but if you are travelling from Greystones to Bray, as you come around the head you will find a stairway going up the hill – this should bring you to a potential diversion path, still leading to your final destination of Bray (factor in more times if you plan on choosing this alternative route).

Once you come down into Bray and take time for a stroll down the promenade or walk along the shore you should be ready to head over to Shelby’s for an allergy-friendly dinner!

Most people I know do the walk in the reverse direction, from Bray to Greystones but if you do that you’ll miss out on dinner in Shelby’s at the end! (Reservation is advised).

When you've finished licking your fingers (discreetly!) head to the Bray Dart Station and get a one-way ticket back to town.

Last Darts from Bray (at time of writing):
Mon - Sat 22:55 All Stations to Malahide; 23:20 All Stations to Connolly
Sun 23:13 All Stations to Howth; 23:30 All Stations to Connolly
Last Darts from Greystones (at time of writing):
Mon - Sat 22:00 All Stations to Malahide; 22:30 All Stations to Howth
Sun 22:25 All Stations to Howth; 23:03 All Stations to Howth

The Happy Pear serves Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Raw, GMO Free, Organic foods

Shelby’s Brasserie serves Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegetarian dishes on request

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