June 13, 2011

Greystones’ ‘The Happy Pear’: Vegetarian, Allergy Friendly Food with No Guilt!

If you’re venturing out to the southern end of the dart line then make sure to call into The Happy Pear for a casual bite to eat. It’s a vegetarian feast with seating both inside (upstairs) and outside in front of the café, beside the food store. You might be familiar with The Happy Pear brand as they stock a few of the health food stores and green grocers in town. One of their most popular products are Sprouted Lentils and Mung Beans for €2.

When I think of the Happy Pear, I think, Vegetarian, Happy, Bright, Wholesome and Hippy! From the Horses mouth: The Happy Pear believes in creating: Happier, healthier and more sustainable communities that support the local economy.

Vegetarianism seems to be their main dietary focus but they do label most of their foods according to some food allergy restrictions (if it’s not labeled just ask and the staff will be happy to help you):

- Vegetarian (everything is Vegetarian)
- Vegan
- Dairy free / Milk free / Lactose free
- Gluten free
- Raw
- Sugar free
- Organic
- GMO free
- Some foods Contain Nuts
- Some foods use Spelt

The menu rotates daily but it always includes salads, soups, main courses and sweets. For possible menu items look on their website here. Note: there are also dairy free, sugar free raw vegan sweets on offer!

I did found it a bit difficult to navigate which foods were the food allergy friendly foods (especially with the salads and sweets) and what I personally could eat, but the staff did their best to guide me through what was on offer which was very helpful. I was also a bit surprised at their unbending pricing system (I could only have the carrot salad due to my unusual and frustrating amount of foods that I am currently avoiding. So, I took some salad – one can only eat so much carrot salad – some hummus and two slices of dairy free bread. But when I pleasantly suggested that they might not charge me the full amount for a small plate of salad seeing as I only had half the plate filled they suggested that I fill up more. This was a pity, especially as they even charged the additional price for the two slices of bread on top of my extra small salad but I suppose prices are prices).

However, my salad tasted really great so don’t let this put you off – just heed the warning and be sure to fill up your plates! The Happy Pear is a very tasty little spot and when the afternoon sun shines down it’s a great place to sit outside of, soaking up the rays and filling your tummy...

...Or even on cold wet days, take your food upstairs and sit beside the fire! Also, lest we forget, in addition to the food store, cafe, and catering business, The Happy Pear also has a famous Juice and Smoothie bar which serves vegetable, fruit and wheatgrass mixtures. Note: cross contamination may be an issue, especially with the sometimes self serve salads and bread) –although I should say that the bread was fabulous!

Main Street
Co. Wicklow
Tel: 01 287 3655
Web: www.thehappypear.ie
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 09:00-18:00; Sun 11:00-18:00; Bank Holidays 11:00-17:00

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