December 2, 2011

A Petite Treats Charity Coffee Morning: Dec 8!!

I received a most exciting email from the very talented Mary at ‘Petite Treats’ telling me about a fabulous Christmas Coffee Morning she is hosting along with ‘The Two Sisters Bar & Lounge’ in aid of the Dublin Simon Community and Our Lady’s Hospice (which I’m sure you’ll agree are two very worthy causes). And believe me, this is not just any coffee morning - This is THE coffee morning to attend!
Usually, having a food allergy/intolerance makes me avoid these events like the plague because I feel so uncomfortable, and everybody asks over and over again why you aren’t eating anything, and just have one and oh, are you on a diet?.. yadda, I sip my hot water or sometimes black tea. BUT, this event is WAY different... All of the ‘petite treats’ will be Vegan, which of course means:

-Dairy Free
-Egg Free
-Honey Free
-Animal Free
-Cholesterol Free

...and to top it all off, most of Petite Treats’ AMAZING treats are Soy Free (!!!) and there will even be Gluten Free treats for the coeliacs and the GF’s among us! :) :), can you honestly tell me that that is not worth coming down to Terenure for? Call in sick to work, get a train to Dublin, sell a kidney... do whatever you have to do to come come come!!!

·                When - Thursday, December 8th 10.30-12.30. 
·                Where – Two Sisters Pub 2-6 Wainsfort Drive Dublin 6W Terenure.
·                How much - Entry costs €10 and you get as much tea, coffee, cupcakes, cakes, cookies and truffles as you can handle!  There will be additional boxes available for donations also.

If you don’t know who or what Petite Treats are and you missed my past raving (which you can see here) then you have GOT to get down to The Two Sisters Bar & Lounge on December 8th because I promise, your Allergy Free world will never be the same again! ...I have honestly never tasted anything as good as Mary’s Toasted Coconut Cupcakes except maybe her Belgian Dark Chocolate cupcakes...They’re so good that I have actually questioned them being vegan! So put it in your diary now! this minute!

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