January 24, 2011

Are They Really Vegan?... Yes! – Petite Treats

If you're living in Dublin and are vegan, or simply dairy free or egg free there is absolutely no need for you to go through a sweet-less existence! I recently took indulgent delight in a selection of Dublin’s ‘Petite Treats’ vegan baked goods. I cannot express how ‘yum’ these treats are!
Petite Treats is a relatively new bakery based in south Dublin. They operate on a made-to-order for delivery/collection basis offering a selection of truly top quality treats as well as catering for special dietary requirements, weddings and themed parties. All of their products are:

-Dairy free
-Egg free
-Cholesterol free
-Lower in fat

In addition to the above they can also cater for specific food allergies such as gluten, wheat, soy and corn upon request.

The extra great thing about Petite Treats is that everything is made to order so freshness goes without saying, and there will be no doubt in your mind about that when you taste how moist the cupcakes are and how fluffy and soft (and completely delicious) the ‘cream cheese’ icing is! The cupcakes are decorated with glittery sprinkles and handmade sugar decorations. They are beautifully presented in bright and cheerful striped delivery boxes (which make you feel like its summer the minute you see them!) and the biscuits come in clear plastic bags tied with ribbon, making fantastic gift ideas for tea at a friend’s house, a present for a special occasion or a simple thank you package if you are being generous, that is, and not just hoarding them for pure selfish delight!

Petite Treats make:

I think that once you try a few of the treats on offer you will be hard pressed to choose a favourite. I am presently dithering between the Toasted Coconut cupcakes with Coconut ‘Cream Cheese’ frosting, the Belgian Dark Chocolate cupcakes with ‘Cream Cheese’ frosting and the Anise and Almond Biscotti…if I can ever decide I will let you know!

Location: Rathfarnham (offering delivery service or collection)
Tel: 087 869 5998
Web: www.petitetreats.ie
Email: mary@petitetreats.ie


Peadar said...

Looks really delicious. I wish they were based closer to here...


Aurea Conroy said...

they are delicious! -worthy of a wee road trip from lusk me thinks - Or maybe Catherine can make a pick up after a sunday visit! ;)

HollyRob said...

I just found this website through twitter- I had these cupcakes at a party at Christmas and they were amazing. I eat everything and have no allergies but these were the nicest I have had ever. I want some noww

Aurea Conroy said...

That is SO true Holly! I'd challenge anyone to say they're not great - the dietary element is just a very cool bonus for the rest of us :)

Tina said...

I just had some of these, everything was delicious. :D

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

did I tell ya or did I tell ya? ;) :) glad you agreed!