November 30, 2011

The Food Hospital - Channel Four, Tuesday Nights

Has anyone been watching the food hospital? While I was away on holidays a new programme, 'The Food Hospital', started on Channel Four. I’ve caught up with the last 5 episodes via the website. Some things are obvious, some things I think could be treated differently but most are really interesting and a wonderful motivation to eat a healthy wholefoods diet and to help wake up all of the sleeping dogs and take a new look at seemingly un-treatable disorders and their relation to food - but we food allergy/intolerance sufferers, probably already know that ;)

So far they have treated:
- Insomnia and Night Eating Disorder
- Alopecia
- Gout
- Eczema
- Depression
- Crohns disease
- Migraine headaches
- Obesity
- Fish Odour Syndrome
- Psoriasis
- Gallstones
- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
- Gall Stones
- Selective Eating Disorder

Not everything has been turned around but most have had wonderful outcomes for the people involved. A child suffering from migraines who eliminated additives, preservatives and amines and a teenager with eczema sufferer who went on an elimination diet to uncover food intolerances and/or allergies were the most clear cut and had fantastic outcomes. But I don't think that they are infallible, especially with relation to the twins fighting breast cancer but on whole the programme is definitely worth a watch!

There are also expos on the scientific use of vitamin supplements, sports drinks, superfoods and detox diets being genuine or just marketing ploys. Again, I don’t think that the baby should be thrown out with the bath water particularly in relation to the detox diets, i think that it is easy to berate a low quality detox product and say that your body can deal with everything, which I’m sure is true but not everybody’s body is up to scratch for the task and the body wasn’t originally intended to take in the amount of chemical that it does in the modern day. I would also like them to investigate a high quality detox kit such as Vogels, which is not just magnesium stearate (a laxative).

On whole, while keeping an open but decerning mind, I think that The Food Hospital is a worthwhile watch. It is showing on Channel 4 on Tuesday nights at 8pm but past episodes can be caught online but note that there is a limited time to catch them all, in fact, I believe that today is the last day to catch episode 1 and there are only 8 remaining days for episode 2.

if you want to loose weight and need motivation to do so, watch episode 4 with Tristan where they explain how little it takes to gain 1 pound over 10 days and 2 stone over 1 year by continuing the same eating..and what that fat looks like - yikes!
I’m glad to have that in my mind as we come into the Christmas season!!

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