October 26, 2011

A New (to me) Vegan & Sugar Free Flapjack: Coco-Jack

As I was walking into Rathmines the other day I dropped into the Field & Vine, 151 Upper Rathmines R, Dublin 6 (which I will write about soon!) for a quick snack. What did I find? Coco-Jack flapjacks! You gotta love any Dairy Free flapjacks WITH a claim of Sugar Free too!...Turns out there is a food allergy godmother after all :)
Coco-Jack is a curious little bar. I have a couple of notes to make regarding its Free From attributes and it certainly isn’t something that I would label as low in fat but somehow I find it to be simple in flavour yet slightly addictive. The bar is only €1.39 in Field & Vine and tastes ever so coconutty. During the first bite I was a bit disappointed with its basic taste but I loved its sensation of 'coolness' and by the time I finished the bar I wanted another one ... what is it about flapjacks? Is it the fat or the sweetness that hooks me every time!? This is a pure flapjack with no bells or whistles. Definitely one for flapjack purists - as long as you like coconut that is :)

- Dairy Free
- Egg Free
- Low GI (note: contains ‘sweet freedom’)
- Vegetarian
- Vegan
- Salt Free
- Cholesterol Free (Note: contains coconoil)
- Wheat Free (cross-contamination note: contains oats)
- No Added Sugar (note: contains ‘sweet freedom’)

What is Sweet Freedom?
I’ve seen ‘Sweet Freedom’ syrup for sale in Nelly’s cafe (12 South Circular Road, Dublin 8). Sweet Freedom is a UK produced sweetener which is made from 100% fruit (apples, grapes and carob) with no added anything. The ‘sugar’ is extracted using water instead of chemicals or enzymes and it claims to be low GI with 25% less calories than sugar while being naturally healthier than artificial sweeteners with only 24grams of fructose per 100g. Web: www.sweetfreedom.co.uk

You can make your own mind up about the sweetener and if it suits your sugar free diet or not.

Ingredients: Wholegrain Oats (Non GMO), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sweet Freedom Natural Syrup
Nutritional Information per 100g: unavailable


Tina said...

Ohh i love me a flapjack, which being vegan is a pain to find one, and when you do it's normally sickly sweet with sugar. I am looking forward to giving this one a try. :)

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

oh I do hope you like it Tina! happy flapjacking!