October 24, 2011

M&S Dairy Free Butter

A while ago I posted a cross-reference guide to Dairy Free butters/ margarines available in Dublin/Ireland. I received a great comment telling me about a top notch Dairy Free and Soya Free margarine that I left out from Marks and Spencers. I had never tried nor seen this margarine before but promised excitedly and solemnly to try it out . Well, my commenter couldn’t be more right!

1st I would like to thank any commenter for allergy free tips in Dublin, greater Ireland and/or abroad! Thank You! I love your comments and rest assured that all of your suggestions, tips and reviews are stored safely away on one of many, but not forgotten, to-do lists!

2nd, Yes! M&S trumps again. I still like the Pure Sunflower spread but that by no means knocks Marks and Sparks’ contribution off the chart - well done! It’s creamy, it’s smooth, it doesn’t have some of the ‘usual suspect’ substitute flavours and it even seems to melt a tiny bit better if you pop some into your boiling pot of pasta while its cooking and best of all, it’s not expensive! At less than €2 it is a true rival to Pure.

I have, of course, updated my original post and would like to invite everyone and anyone to share any allergy free/friendly product that you have unearthed, love, hate or are curious to try, whatever your allergy or it’s free from attribute.

And thank you to ‘anonymous’ commenter for your Dairy Free, Soya Free contribution... I see more of M&S’s margarine in my future :)

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