November 9, 2010

Nourish - Irish Owned & Family Run

I was surprised to discover that the ‘relatively new’ health food & beauty chain that seems to have swept Dublin since it opened in 2004 is neither new nor foreign. This Irish family owned business has been in operation since 1986! Since its rebranding six years ago, the previously named ‘The General Health Food Store’ has blossomed into the six fleet strong healthfood and beauty chain which is reaching food allergy needs across Dublin.
Nourish is a well stocked shop with an almost equal balance of natural beauty products, nutritional supplements and health food products. The best thing about Nourish is that they haven’t quarantined themselves to the south side of the city centre like most of the competition. As you can see above, out of the three city centre locations TWO are in Dublin 1!! This coupled with their shelf of snack bars
and sweets and raw products makes shopping on the north side with food allergies and/or dietary requirements an easier task should hunger strike without notice.

- Two Dublin 1 locations for north-side shoppers, browsers and tourists
- Wide range of food allergy friendly chocolates and bars
- Large range of vegan products
- Many raw products
- Good choice of natural skin care and beauty products for sensitive skins

The Nourish flagship, located on Wicklow St, is about double the size of the other city centre locations and keeps slightly longer hours than the other branches. The prices in Nourish are slightly higher than some other suppliers but the stock is up to date, the locations are convenient and the variety is so well thought out that I’m sure any quibbles you have will soon be extinguished when you find yourself in
Nourish time after time with your needs met and the Irish market supported.


Nourish Health & Beauty Store
GPO Arcade, Henry Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 874 3290

Nourish Health & Beauty Store
6 Lower Liffey Street
Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 873 4098

Nourish Health & Beauty Store
16 Wicklow St
Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 670 3223

Nourish Health & Beauty Store
Omni Shopping Centre, Santry
Dublin 9
Tel: (01) 862 1392

Nourish Health & Beauty Store
Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rathfarnham
Dublin 14
Tel: (01) 493 5289

Nourish Health & Beauty Store
Morehampton Rd, Donnybrook
Dublin 4
Tel: (01) 634 9726



Tina said...

Yeah Nourish is a great little place for a wide range of stuff, especially vegan items. They also seem quite open to suggestions for items to stock, I have seen several people ask over the years and they always are good about it.

Aurea Conroy said...

Hey Tina! Thats true, Thanks for your comment. They are very helpful and I just can't believe that they are so well spread across Dublin! Happy days!