February 29, 2012

February: The Food Allergy Month in Review

Another swirling month done and dusted. February was filled with upheaval but sometimes upheaval can be good. I moved house and am trying to get my teeth into the Food Allergy Free pockets of the northside - If you have any tips I’m all ears for your favourite haunts! As always, I would LOVE to hear about them (north or south, as the case may be). During the month we had the Free From Food Awards judging as well as the release of the invaluable Shortlist for 2012. There was also the food show, Edible, at Trinity’s Science Gallery (Did anyone get to take part in any of the Feeding Times?) - I’ll be sharing my Vegan Custard Tartlette recipe after the exhibition is finished so watch this space...
Elsewhere in Survival Guide we added two new restaurants/cafés to the directory and put out a whole slew of Food Allergy Friendly product reviews (including Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nightshade Free finds) and so this, along with the Free From Shortlist, means that the Food Allergic/Intolerant community should be far from going hungry over the next few months!

And what is there to look forward to in March you ask? Well, I’ll be trying to uncover some social venues which stock Gluten Free beers as well as trying out Woodstock Café in Phibsborough, which I think I spied as carrying ‘Gluten-Free Foodie’ products!... I’ll also try to get some recipes in too, to keep us happy at home as well as out and about :)

p.s. Good luck to any girls taking up the Irish tradition of proposing to their boys today, on the leap year - I hope you get the YES you are hoping for!!!

Feb 20: Gluten & Dairy Free Galette Crepes from Heaven! - Fafie’s
Feb 27: A Trip to the Botanic Gardens - Is there anything Food Allergy Free?

Feb 1: Imported Gluten Free, Dairy Free+ Confectionary in the Local Centra: Les Recettes de Céliane
Feb 6: Snacks for the Nightshade Sensitive (aka: Potato, Tomato, Pepper Free Snacks)
Feb 15: Dairy Free Fudge: What It’s Like & Where to Get it
Feb 17: Dairy Free Creams: Which to Choose?

Feb 8: Judging at the Free From Food Awards 2012!
Feb 10: Edible: Allergen Free at the Science Gallery
Feb 22: The 2012 Free From Food Awards Shortlist is Released!
Feb 24: What I’m Reading February: Food Allergies, Side-Effects, Being Sugar-Free & A Lot of Eye Candy

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