February 10, 2012

Edible: Allergen Free at the Science Gallery

So... I have big news! I was asked to develop a recipe for ‘Edible’ in Trinity’s Science Gallery. ‘Edible’ is the Science Galleries most recent exhibition. It, and I quote, “takes on food with the imagination of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the bite of Jamie’s Dinners. Featuring work and recipes by a diverse group of artists, scientists, restauranteurs and foodies, the show is set to challenge your perception of what ‘edible‘ really means.” The recipe challenge for me, was to tackle the issue of food allergies, that ever growing phenomena, and so I created ‘Vegan & Allergen Free Custard & Raspberry Tartlets’! By ‘Allergen Free’ I refer to all 14 of the registered food allergens in the EU.

It was no easy task. I chose this gluteny, milky, eggy classic dessert to rid of allergens one, because I love a custard tartlet..or well, really I love a custard anything...except trifle. Two, I wanted to demonstrate how even the most unattainable is attainable despite our allergic ‘I can’t eat that’, ‘I can’t have that’ mentality. But also how much work we food allergy-free folk put in to take part in life’s simple pleasures - like custard tarts!

So, my Vegan and Allergen Free Custard & Raspberry Tartlets will be made for some of the ongoing ‘Feeding Times’ which are happening upstairs in the Science Gallery at set times during the exhibition and the recipe is on page 56-57 of the catalogue...and here is another picture of the finished thing!

‘Edible’s’ launch party was last night and it was great fun! I’ll post some pictures below of all the goings-on. The highlight for me was watching the ‘feeders’ eat the Vegan Ortolan (an animal free version of the cruelest - and now thankfully illegal, recipe) where diners had to eat the mock bird in the traditional fashion: ‘with a large napkin covering the head and the face - to keep the flavours in, and to hide one’s shame from God.’ which makes you think about humanity, doesn’t it?

....And the lowlight was when I slipped climbing out of the giant inflatable digestive tract and seem to have broken my toe! ... it’s all purple and VERY sore... but at least it was done in the most silly of situations!

‘Edible’ will be open to the public until April 6th, 2012 and I highly recommend popping in and checking it out AND definitely try to sign up for one or more of the ‘Feeding Times’ taking place upstairs - and not to worry, all the ingredients and recipes are listed in the catalogue and there is also a large board with allergens by the table and maybe with some luck you will get to taste my tartlets!
Allergen Warnings and comments for each 'Feeding Time' meal

Presenting 'Edible's' curators, Catherine Kramer and Zack Denfeld

worms as a snack - crunchy and lip-lickin' good!

the sound of fermentation

After a feeding


Tina said...

That looks every interesting. What arn't you getting wrangled into these days :)

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

:) it was, it was - you should definitely go!