February 23, 2011

Jo' Burger - Ordering Food-Allergy Free is a Definite Option

One of the major bonuses of Jo’ Burger (Rathmines) is that the entire menu is set up for customization. Although they do not claim anything to be ‘allergen free’ this is still an obvious benefit for anybody with food allergies because the staff are used to taking ‘with’ and ‘without’ customized orders.
‘Mix ‘n Match’ is the name of the game and even though I was going to limit myself to a snack of sweet potato chips/fries (which are très tasty!) Jo himself sat down beside us and went through what I could and couldn’t have on the menu which eased my weary mind and totally tempted my taste buds! I ended up with a lamb burger (no bun or wrap) with a very tasty (although I was initially doubtful) beetroot and horseradish relish on top with a side of mixed leaf salad with a lemon and oil dressing.

- Wheat free & Gluten free burgers (without the bun or wrap)
are still tasty and even recommended
- Dairy free (if you exclude the mayo fraiche)
- Onion free burgers: made from a variety of meats as well as
vegetarian options
- Potato free chips: made from Sweet Potato

The only ingredients to be aware of are the mayo. If you are dairy free and used to eating most mayo’s Jo’ Burger’s mayo is actually ‘mayo fraiche’ which is mayonnaise mixed with crème fraiche and therefore not dairy free. But this is not a major problem because there are sauces and relishes aplenty on all of the burger options. Also, do note that most of the sauces have some form of spicy chili, including the ketchup, so be sure to question your waiter if you have problems with chili or anything similar… This is why I chose the roasted beet and horseradish option but I very surprised with the great taste because I am traditionally a beetroot hater but this relish came up trumps!
To top it all off, Jo’ Burger is a great little place with live DJ’s (which can get a wee bit loud later in the evening if you mind that sort of thing) and changing graffiti clad walls with games to play should you desire- although we are the only ones I have ever seen playing them :) … the games are possibly more suited to the quiet times in the day like lazy Sunday afternoons as there can sometimes be a line outside the door to get in!
The truly great thing is that I didn’t feel like a contrary customer who was an annoyance to the staff… If anything I felt that they really wanted me to enjoy my meal. Definitely one of the happiest and relaxed days that I’ve had in a while!

Jo’ Burger
Location: 137 Rathmines rd,
Rathmines, Dublin 6.
tel: 01 4913731
web: www.joburger.ie
Opening Times: Mon-Wed, Sun 12:00-22:00; Thu 12:00-22:30; Fri-Sat 12:00-23:00

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