December 10, 2010

Rathmine's Crafty Craft Bakery

Rathmine’s Craft Bakery is a much valued attraction in the village. The proprietor threw in the towel at his 9-5 job, studied his trade, started up Craft Bakery and despite the recession is making a nice mark on the taste buds of the population. Craft uses traditional techniques and labels not only the ingredients on all of their breads but also what food allergens they are ‘free from’ (dairy, gluten and wheat options are available). With a bit of questioning you can work your way around the confectionary (be sure to try the gluten free brownies and gluten free chocolate biscuit cake). There is not so much in the line of dairy free pastries but they do have divine looking coconut macaroons free from milk products and a selection of breads to choose from.

Every day at Craft Bakery has a theme and happily for those of us with food allergies three of those days are dedicated to being food allergy friendly themes:

- ‘Gluten Free Wednesday’
- ‘Thank Craft it's Spelt Friday’
- ‘Sugar Free Saturday’

And no matter what the day all of the food produced (breads and confections alike) is free from additives, preservatives and improvers .

To top it all off with a cherry – the bakery takes custom orders and will work around your specific dietary requirements if needed. So take a trip to Rathmines, your taste buds are calling you!

Location: 8 Upper Rathmines Rd, Rathmines, D6
Phone: (01) 412 6154
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 07:30-19:00, Sun 07:00-18:00


Anonymous said...

hy im a grate fun of craft bakery and i love your products,and most of all i love the wide range of things that you have tere...sow im really happy to visit you guys again...but the things that i love the most is the greate costumer service,the peoplle that are working in there are sow helpfull and loveley...two toumbs up for the craft bakery...

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

Thanks for the comment! I always think that the customer service is what makes or breaks a place. And I too found the Craft Bakery very helpful, even when busy! Its great when you can have good experiences especially when shopping with food allergies!