August 4, 2010

Cornucopia Whole-Food & Vegetarian Restaurant

If you and your food-allergies have been to Dublin then I sincerely hope that you have eaten in Cornucopia. If you haven't experienced it yet then please please please try it out! Cornucopia is one of the best food-allergy friendly establishments in Ireland. They serve large portions of hearty, tasty, wonderful food which is clearly marked according to a full and comprehensive list of dietary requirements as listed below:

*yeast free
*dairy free
*gluten free
*wheat free
- note that all food served is vegetarian

Cornucopia is truly a haven of goodness for allergy-sufferers. In fact it is a haven for anyone at all. i can genuinely say that all of my friends frequent Cornucopia, meat eaters, vegetarians, food-allergy suffers and the all-round hungry alike! The food is served in a canteen style which always has a selection of of soups, main courses, salads and desserts. The wonderful part is that there are even suitable breads, creams, milks and spreads to accompany your choices whether you are vegan, wheat free or an eat all type. on top of all this the pricing can fit a budget as there are at least two serving sizes in salads and mains and wine (organic) is available too if your meal is more of an occasion.
Cornucopia has been serving Dublin since 1986 and have even published a cookbook to help you at home with your own repertoire of meals. But probably the most positive element to me is the recent renovation and expansion. Moving from 48 seats to 100 has transformed Cornucopia into a pleasant and comfortable café style restaurant where you can feel happier lingering over blueberry torte or even just to relax and chat as your tummy happily digests its gift.

Cornucopia Restaurant
19/20 Wicklow St
Dublin 2
tel: (01) 677 7583

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 08:30-21:00; Sat 08:30-20:00; Sun 12:00-19:00

For a full list of food allergy friendly dining options please see the 'Restaurant Directory' page located under the main title

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