August 6, 2010

And The Results Are...

I just received my IgG FoodScan Food Intolerance Test results from York Laboratories. You remember the food intolerance test that I was waiting for everyday and was all excited to receive... yes, excited was the word I used. The result is that I think that I want to cry!
I now have officially 32 foods to avoid! ...and an additional 15 foods that are borderline. They even wrote in the introduction letter to not be 'alarmed' by my high number of foods to avoid, that they are here to help me manage this (thank goodness, I say). All my foods to avoid don't even fit onto the quick reference card that they supplied for my wallet. I mean, I always new that I had food allergies. I even suspected that I had a few more hidden allergies than the ones I was already aware of, thus the reason for taking the test but seriously this is BAD news. My food intolerances are listed below.

Biggest Reaction:
-Cow's Milk (Well done to my Mom who diagnosed this on her own when I was only a baby back in '79)

2nd Biggest:
Egg White (really??)

3rd Biggest:
-Chilli Pepper (I mildly suspected it but was in total denial until this morning)
-Sesame Seed

Also to Avoid:
-Apple (I always suspected it)
-Brazil Nut
-Coconut (..And they tell me this AFTER creating an experimental coconut ice cream only just last night)
-Coriander/Cumin/Dill (I suspected this one but it still breaks my heart)
-Corn (Maize) (My Mom suspected this years ago. Goodbye my dear tortilla chips. I loved you)
-Egg Yolk (So that's eggs out altogether)
-Gluten (Gliadin)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It only hit me a few days ago that I could have a gluten problem. Noooooo!!!!)
-Peanut (I knew this one because I get coldsores if I have too many which is supposed to be common enough. Red wine and chocolate can also be culprits I hear)
-Peppers (Capsicum/paprika) (after only recently creating a fabulous pepper sauce to replace tomato sauce, which I interestingly don't seem to have a reaction to)
-Potato (boo!)
-Soya Bean (I always suspected that soya was hard on my digestion but it sure doesn't help with my dairy free lifestyle. Ah well, its bad for you anyway they say!)
-Wheat (I am my mother)
-Yeast (I am my mother reconfirmed)

Borderline Reactions:
-Buckwheat (Just in case there was something tasty left)
-Cola Nut
-Kidney Bean!
-String Bean

What am I going to do?? I mean, I know what I'm going to do but seriously!... Supposedly i'm not to go off things until i have my first Nutritionist Consultation.. And I do have a few questions about food groups and especially the yeast business. There's a potential that I can never drink again. Not that that is the worst loss in the world but it still stinks. Perhaps I'll buy a car and become the designated driver from here on out... sigh.
Mainly though, my questions so far are:

1) The food tolerance test says that I can't have cow's milk, which I always new.. but does that include sheep and goats milk as well? I'm assuming that due to the food family relationship that the answer is yes, but we'll see, just on the slim chance.. (yeah right)

2) I can't have onions. Does that include leeks and scallions/green onions as well? -pleeeeease not!!

3) My food intolerance results show no reactions to oats and rye, where does that leave me in relation to yeast and gluten?

4) Similarly, I have to avoid potatoes, does that mean that I should avoid tomatoes as well seeing as they are part of the same family and 'potentially' give me canker sores (a.k.a. mouth ulcers)? I will do some further elimination testing regarding this if the answer is not clear-cut.

5) I have a lot of questions around being yeast-free. Does this eliminate all alcohol, sugar, vinegar and mushrooms as they are a problem with the Candida diet?

6) What are 'Hops' used for other than beer?

7) Is there any type of alcohol other than perhaps 'rubbing' (if even!) that is yeast and wheat free?

Now that I am coming to terms with it after the initial shock I guess that the good news is that I will soon be feeling a lot better and that my very embarrassing abdominal pains, spasms and cramps after eating at friends houses, restaurants and indeed anywhere will hopefully be gone soon as well. Also, I wanted to learn a bit more about being Yeast-Free so as to offer a wider service and now i have no choice!

Well, I better go make my appointment for my first Nutritionist Consultation and get some answers to my questions and my new information into action...

Cheers to a new diet and a new life!


Tina said...

Geez Aurea are you gonna be allowed to eat anything anymore? :/

Aurea Conroy said...

ahhhh, well at the moment I'm having a split second of positivity but the day in general has been swooping from the depths of despair to 'it will be great to feel great' and I can't wait for a better complexion and a normal stomach! But ugh.. I don't know.. All I can do is truck on and find what Dublin has to offer people like me -I can't be the ONLY one! hahaha

Tina said...

I'm sure your not, Hopefully it won't be too awkward to avoid all of them. You will be joining the vegan darkside soon if you are not careful :)

princessbuttons said...

can you have goats and sheeps milk if your intolerant to cows milk?

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

Hi princessbuttons, sorry for my delayed response! ... the answer is a shady 'it depends' .. some people are fine with sheep and goats milk. And some other people (myself included) can handle it with 'lesser' reactions which isn't relly a 'yes you can have it' ... its just a lesser of two evils. It really depends on what your personal allergies/intolerance are (ie: allergic to cow milk protein will be likely to have a reaction to other animal milks) so I would recommend testing or elimination diets... let me know how you get on!
Aurea x