May 23, 2012

Love Hot Dogs, Can't Eat Pork?

If there was ever an ideal day for a BBQ in Ireland it was today! SO warm, So sunny, SO absolutely perfect ... it’s days like this that make us put up with all the rain and wind the rest of the year. But what if you are a BBQ fan and your favourite item is the infamous hotdog but you are Allergic or Intolerant to Pork.. or your values restrict pork.. or your religion forbids it.. what if you have skin trouble like eczema etc, and are trying a Pork Free diet?? There’s nothing worse than sitting in a circle surrounded by people eating something that you love but can’t have! 

That is why I was so surprised and intrigued when I fell upon these: Doux’s Chicken Franks. Now bear with me for a moment because I know that they sound horrendous - Chicken Hot Dogs! seriously?? Yes! I kid you not ... What’s more is that they actually taste, look and have the consistency of real hotdogs - you know, the extremely processed ones popular on the streets of New York, Austria, Germany... We’re not talking about a chicken kebab, or a vegan tofu sausage, but a genuine frankfurter only made with chicken instead of pork. I was VERY doubtful and despite not actually being the biggest hotdog fan in the world (apart from the occasional  dog here or there) am a true convert. They really surprised me and make a top quality substitute.

  • Pork free
  • Halal
  • Fish Free
  • Dairy Free (Note: may contain traces of milk)
  • Egg Free (Note: may contain traces of egg)

I found Doux’s Chicken Franks in the freezer section of an Indian shop called ‘Oasis’ located on Phibsborough Rd. 

Cheap, Cheerful and Pork Free!
Ingredients: Mechanically deboned chicken meat and chicken fat: 71%, water, wheat starch, vegetable proteins and fibres, salt, emulsifier E451, flavour enhancer E621, spices, aromatic plant, antioxidant E301, colouring E120, natural flavouring, preservative E250.
Contains: Wheat, Soya.
May contain traces of: Milk, Celery, Egg, Barley, Rye, Mustard.

Phibsborough Rd
Phibsborough, Dublin 7

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