April 11, 2012

Moo Free’s Vegan Pralines Rock My World!

I hope you all had a very lovely Easter. Mine was Sugar filled and very hyper. The various Easter bunnies in my life (aka: F. my Mom and my Sister) all brought me a whole range of Dairy Free treats. F. even made Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free and Caffeine Free Indian Sweets which were actually the best thing since sliced bread and a true relief after all of the Refined Sugar Filled chocolates and cakes (I hope to get the recipe from him so I can make them again and again and share it with you too!) but on the topic of store bought Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan chocolates I have to say that I was actually blown away by Moo Free’s Dairy Free Chocolate Pralines. It was like Moo Free looked into my Dairy Free soul and asked what it wished for in a chocolate and then served it on a platter. The box was beautiful, the ribbon was perfect and the taste was sublime. If I was to compare them to anything it would hands down be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but without the Diary and without the Peanuts and seriously, I ask you, can you imagine anything better?

At €9.50 a box Moo Free’s Chocolate Pralines don’t come cheap but I believe that the Food Restricted world might just be understanding my needs a bit more and for that I’ll fork out €9.50 any day!
P.S. if you’ve never tried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups then imagine a creamy (faux milk) chocolate exterior filled with a soft golden brown hazelnut and walnut filling resembling a sweetened nut butter similar to the taste of HEAVEN... and I’m not alone on this one because Moo Free’s Vegan Chocolate Pralines have won the Best Vegan Cake or Sweet at the 2011 VegFest awards and the 2011 FreeFrom Innovation Award too!

- Dairy Free
- Gluten Free
- Wheat Free
- Soya Free (note: may contain traces)
- Egg Free
- Peanut Free (note: contains walnut, hazelnut, sunflower)
- Corn free
- Vegan
- Vegetarian

The Easter Bunny spotted these glorious pieces of heaven in the Fruit n' Nut Place in Portlaoise, Co. Laois. i haven't actually spotted them in Dublin myself but my eyes will be peeled for them now!! ...and if you have seen then prey, share!

Chocolate Organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic rice powder, organic cocoa mass, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) & natural flavouring. Contains cocoa solids 42% minimum. Made with fair trade sugar & cocoa.
Praline filling Sugar, hazelnuts (49.5%), walnut oil, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)

Nutritional information per 100g:
Energy 2370 kj / 569 kcal
Protein 5.2g
Carbohydrates 52.1g
of which sugars 41.4g
Fat 36.9g
of which saturates 14.73g
Fibre 3.8g
Sodium trace


princessbuttons said...

oooo where did you get the moo free pralines from. just discovered this blog as i found out i have a dairy intolerance. looking foward to all your recommendations :)

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

These ones came from Portlaoise's 'Fruit n' Nut Place'.. I THINK I saw them in Nourish on Wicklow Street just after Easter but I haven't seenthem regularly stocked anywhere to date. I suggest making a request in your local health food store and/or trying online because they are seriously worth every penny!!