April 24, 2012

Check Your Chicken for Hidden Food Allergens!

As I’m sure every person with food allergies and/or intolerances know, it’s the hidden allergens that make life difficult..it’s the unexpected allergens that cause the problems. Once upon a time in Canada a friend of mine asked me to go out with her for chips (french fries) and then said: ‘Oh wait! Is there milk in potatoes?’ ... of course we heartily laughed at the time at this silly question but what she didn’t know was that she wasn’t too far off the mark with this seemingly ridiculous question. It would be like saying ‘Wait! Is there Milk in Chickens?’ But the truth is God only knows how many added ingredients are included in Macdonald’s french fries and likewise, no matter how much like ordinary chicken it looks like, it’s most likely not just chicken.

After the injecting and soaking and who knows what else, chicken (and ham) become pretty toxic on the unexpected allergen scale. So the purpose of today’s post is to draw your attention to the ingredient lists on processed meats.

 Some brands to beware of are

- Flynns Premium Turkey Breast contain: Milk and Potato
- Tesco’s Finest Irish Butter Roast Turkey obviously contain: Milk
- Any Crumbed Ham is obviously Gluten Containing
- Shaw’s Turkey Breast contain: Milk in the form of lactate
- Glenlough Deli Style Chicken Slices contain: Whey Protein, Dextrose and Sodium Lactate
Glenlough Roast Chicken Breast Slices contain: Milk, Gluten, Wheat and Soya

A safe ham to check out is
- Shaws, un-crumbed Ham which is Dairy Free and Gluten Free.
- The Brady Family Ham (un-crumbed) is both Dairy Free and Gluten Free
- Denny Deli Style Roast Chicken Slices are Dairy Free and Gluten Free but contain: Sugar

 Note: Be especially aware when ordering meat fillings in delis where the ingredients are not readily available and the meat is often (almost always) processed.

Don’t you just hate the crazy things ‘they’ do to food?!

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