March 14, 2012

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Organic and Speciality Foods Found at The SuperNatural Food Market

There are so many parts of town that I don’t get to unless I have specific business in the area... so last Saturday I made it my business to get to the SuperNatural Food Market to check out the Food Allergy Friendly goings-on. Where is this ‘SuperNatural Food Market’ you ask? Well, basically if you keep heading down Pearse St until you’re only 3 blocks away from Grand Canal Dock you will find a lovely little park and across the road, inside the St. Andrews Resource Centre (114-116) is the market with the best name in town. Here, every Saturday, you will find a food market with all things nice inside.

Of course, if you are a regular reader you will know from Monday’s post that Antoinette’s (Gluten Free) Bakery is sometimes found in the SuperNatural Food Market serving up her ever popular Gluten Free baked goods as well as Vegan, Potato Free and Refined Sugar Free creations.
But Antoinette’s Cakes are not the only thing to draw you in, there is also a baker who has many Dairy Free breads, a few Spelt based breads (including a Spelt based soda bread) and a Gluten Free loaf made with Chickpea Flour and by the time I got to the market at about 2pm there was only 1 Gluten Free loaf left!
Also in the market is an organic butcher who cooks up some sausages on site and also sells his own home-made Gluten Free sausages.
There is the regular fare such as Organic Veg, a flower stall (who is selling custom pots for mothers day - March 18th), a Whole Foods dealer with a quite a nice selection of products on offer, a fish stall and a natural cream/brush/soap type stall too.

There is also a really interesting stall selling Gluten Free and Dairy Free meringues and all sorts of jarred goodies such as pesto, jelly and tapenade. The ingredients are all foraged or home grown so the products change with the seasons. The only down side is that there are no ingredients listed but the maker is right there so you can ask her anything...
And if you are looking for something a bit more hearty to chew on you will also find a hot dish table selling indian styled food such as samosa’s and curry (ingredients are listed but I would advise to ask to be sure, as the lists aren’t very detailed)...

The SuperNatural Food Market is a great little spot. It’s not crowded to the gills so you can actually get a chance to look around at your ease and the atmosphere makes you want to take a seat and linger over your lunch or tea. The market runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm and there are definitely reasons a plenty to make it your business to head out to this little pocket on Pearse St next Saturday.

The SuperNatural Food Market
Location: St Andrew’s Resource Centre
114-116 Pearse St
Dublin 2
Opening Times: Saturday 09:30 - 15:30

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