December 9, 2011

Gossip & Gatherings: Loads of ‘Free From’ News That'll Definitely Interest You!

The New Kid on the Block: BFree
A new Wheat Free and Gluten Free bread, BFree, launched December 5th in Dunnes Stores nationwide (on the mainstream bread aisles) shortly following a POP UP shop in Dublin’s City Centre (23-24 Duke St) which will remain open during the weeks leading up to Christmas for promotion.
BFree is an Irish company and is the brain child of Cuisine de France’s founder, Ronan McNamee, who has been developing the recipe for almost 3 years until it tasted just like wheat based products. Ronan also solicited the help of Prof. Dr. Elke K. Arendt to optimise the nutritional composition.

I haven’t tried it yet but if you want to hear all about it from the horses mouth this is what their publicists are saying:
- A range of wheat free and gluten free bakery products that are outstanding in terms of taste, freshness and nutritional values
- Independent research carried out Summer 2011, assessed BFree and its closest competitor products, and marked BFree the winner in terms of taste and nutritional values.
- At only 71 calories per slice, High in Fibre and Low in Fat, BFree bread is one of the healthiest in the bread market world wide including wheat-based breads.

But I'll review it shortly and get all the ingredients and free from attributes out to you as soon as possible!

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Animal Free: Petite Treats Charity Coffee Morning

Yesterday my friend M. and I went to the Petite Treats Coffee Morning in The Two Sisters pub in Terenure. It was super hard to find as I cycled around and around in the ridiculous wind trying to find the pub, simply because the location is incorrectly marked on Google Maps BUT, once I found it I was in Dairy Free, Egg Free, Animal Free heaven (with a side of Soya Free & Gluten Free bliss)! Cupcakes and Brownies and Cookies and fabulous slab things with chocolate and biscuit which were AMAZING... However, the cupcakes still Rule All. There was also rice milk for the teas and coffees and even the Gluten Free cupcakes were top notch... like the real thing one might say. There were also really swish raffle prizes such as 2 Clarins gift baskets and a handmade necklace! The awesome bit is that they raised an excess of €1017 for their chosen charities and were discussing a potential monthly event....
And just to stress HOW good Petite Treats’ baked goods are... M. who is vegan, has got into the habit of ordering petite treats and sharing the surplus with her husband’s office... Her husband’s office, which are all gaming computer boys who are free from NOTHING like Petite treats SO much that they have started a weekly order, I kid you not. So don’t let ANYONE tell you that Free From Food has to be a lesser stuff.

Making Web-Life Easy: FreeFromBlogs
A new Free From Food Allergy and Restricted Diet Directory is coming to town!! I’m Ohhh so excited!
If you’ve ever trailed the web looking for a blog on your chosen topic you have probably come across various types of Directories (the I Eat Everything Foodies have a few of them) but the great news is that a few free from girls, Lucy, Amy, Amy & Gemma, got it together and have decided to launch their very own Free From Blog Directory! ...Life just got soooo much easier.
It’s still just getting started and I think that the actual launch date isn’t until the New Year but if you blog free from you should submit your stuff!... And if you just read free from well then, there’s already some reading material to get stuck into, not to mention their very own blog... So Hip Hip Hooray! I love when things get easy :)

I Used to Eat Here: Juice
Juice is gone! I was walking down Georges’s Street when my friend S. asked me if I had seen Juice lately...I looked up and my jaw dropped! Juice is no longer... and it’s replacement isn’t even vegetarian! ... However... S. tells me that the buzz on the boards is that there is a 100% VEGAN restaurant opening somewhere in Dublin’s City Centre in the new year!!! (early 2012) ... now, these are rumours and gossip is never a good thing but if we all put our positive thoughts together maybe it will really happen!!!

And that’s it... That’s all I’ve got!
So get out there and finish your christmas shopping


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