November 2, 2011

Holiday Season! India Here I Come ... at last

If trains, planes and automobiles all do their thang without fault (God willing) I will be on my way or already in India!!! ... depending on when you read this :D

First of all, I would like to explain the picture. That is me in Sweden all dressed up for a Bollywood party last year. Hilariously, I have since learnt that the clothes I am wearing in that picture (full length below) would be equivalent to wearing my underwear on the street so I will probably be sporting a Punjabi Suit (my favourite name for a type of clothing ever!) or something similar while F. and I travel around.

In the past I have been slightly cursed with my chosen holiday times. Granted, I usually have lovely weather when I am abroad (knock on wood) but the curse is the religiously good weather in Ireland every-single-time I leave this little isle, aye there’s the rub. If you live here you know about our 2-4 good weeks of weather in a year. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less, the amount can be debatable but something those weeks are never is consecutive or predictable.

I have tried going on holiday in April, May, June, July, August, September and October and I have ALWAYS missed one or two of our few weeks of weather bliss. This year I put my bet on November. Can we really have a heatwave in November? Is there any limit to Murphy’s Law? All I can do is wait for the text from my sister gloating about how warm it is once again ... but her chances are slimmer this time (I hope!) Our first frost hit on Friday morning and only a week prior Dublin suffered freak rainfall causing floods. It would seem that winter is here at last and I won’t be missing anything while I’m away in 31C weather in India ... and then on Sunday night there was a balmy warmth in the air...

Anyway, thats my little panic rant over. I wish you all well and although I am not wishing anymore rainfall for Ireland, a bit more frost wouldn’t go astray ;) I look forward to telling you all about India and hopefully how I was footloose and Dairy Free (at least!) Word on the street is that Gluten Free is a breeze, Egg Free and Vegetarian shouldn’t be a problem but Dairy Free? Fingers crossed tight!

note: I have scheduled a few posts to keep things alive while I’m away but they might not be as regular as usual, understandably i hope ;)

Happy November, Happy Holidays and when I get back Christmas will be warming up and allergy free cakes and cookies will be on everybody’s mind - scary thought, non? Imagine how I feel seeing as this is my summer holiday?!


Tina said...

Enjoy your holiday :)

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

Thanks Tina! I did enjoy it :) and have A LOT of sleeping to catch up on now!! zzzzz.z.....