September 30, 2011

What I'm Reading: Allergy Free Surfing

I seem to have been hungrier then usual this past month... Between experiments in the kitchen and surfing for free-from recipes I'm going to have to buy a longer belt! But don't let that put you off reading some of the yum-town good free-from recipes that i've linked to below.
In other news, the web seems a bit scarier then usual with possible food allergy contaminants, buttered hamburger buns and illusive terminology but onwards and upwards because knowledge is power! or so they say...
oh yeah, and don't forget to check out this months eye-candy - yum yum yuuuuummmm!

Food Allergy Talk
Some interesting information on Food Regulation Terminology: (the dangers of so-called dairy-free ice cream)

Once, many moons ago, I was getting a toasted sandwich and I just happened to notice the girl buttering the outside of the bread for better ‘toasting’! This totally freaked me out. It was the first time I had seen such a practice, but it’s more common then I once thought. If you are in the United States and find yourself in a Wendy’s with a milk allergy read this: Wendy's (buttered burger buns)

If I had severe anaphylactic reactions to my food allergies I would probably panic regularly at the thoughts of my allergens being in non-food related products but one must remember that people do live in the world... but maybe think twice before taking a job in some factories... ??
products made from peanuts:
products made from corn
products made from milk
products made from egg

Food Allergy Friendly Product Reviews:
Possibly the best Gluten Free Pasta ever?? Where can we find it?! Also, in the interview portion of the post, some top class ideas for tomato-free pasta! (jovial pasta)

In the Kitchen:
Vegan Cookie Mix Gifted! I love the idea, I love the picture, I love the ingredients, and I would definitely LOVE to receive one!! (punk rock cookie jar mixes)

An absolute must try simple simple simple recipe for dairy free, egg free, soya free, vegan whipped cream! (coconut whipped cream)

I don’t know how it would taste but the picture looks the business! (apple pie cheesecake)

And while we’re in the kitchen lets totally try some of this as well! (pecan pumpkin butter)

A Little Bit of Eye-Candy:
I wish my food photography looked like this! (note: also a great post on food photography equipment):

...and purely for some amazing visual pleasure check out these documentary pics (esp. ‘the traveller’, with the man walking through the birds! OOooo AHHhhhh)

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