September 23, 2011

Dairy Free, Soya Free, Vegan Coconut Yoghurt: Fail

Oh Dear...

My planned post for today was going to be all about the amazing Dairy Free, Soya Free Vegan Coconut Yoghurt that I made with my new second-hand, inherited yoghurt maker but the number one thing to remember when substituting recipes and cooking/baking for allergy sensitive eaters is that things don’t always turn out the way you plan... actually, I might even go as far as saying: Things (almost) never go the way you plan, first time 'round at least.

After heating and cooling and mixing and fermenting and chilling I got an extra tart/sour yoghurt (yay!) which was super runny (boo!).
I used agar agar, but not the powder, the cellophane look-a-like strands which I ground up in my coffee grinder.
This should not have been a problem but it was... or maybe it was because I diluted it too early.

I also used probiotic capsules to make it ALIVE!

So the overall ingredients were:
3 cups (2 cans) coconut milk
1/2 tsp (4 capsules) vegan probiotics
1.5 tsp agar agar ground
3 tsp water

The result: (I poured it on top of my oat bran and raspberries, in case you're wondering)

BUT have no fear, i am determined to master this and I will share when I do so watch this space, as they say :)

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Rosemary Guy said...

you need to heat the agar in water to make it jelly like and then add to the yogurt.........Being runny suggests you've broken down the saturated fats which is healthier.........If I'm doing this, I add guar gum as you don't have to heat up to get something more solid