September 5, 2011

August: The Month in Review - Life, Allergies, Recipes & Free From Foods

September has come at last, my very favourite month of the whole year, not only because it is my birthday month but because there is still warmth in the sun even though the trees start to change colour. Everything feels cozy and all the browns and rusts and orangey yellows come back onto the street... and hearty food feels just right!...sigh. Before I get carried away looking forward I should look back! I find that this past month, although not the warmest August I have experienced, was a more fruitful month than I had thought. With at least three new restaurants to add to the Directory, lots of Gluten Free and Dairy Free kitchen time, a blogging party and day-to-day allergy/life talk I can’t believe that it all happened in one month and that July is just a distant memory! Well, onwards and upwards for September! I am sure that there is still a TON of allergy friendly treasures still to find in Dublin...

Also, don't forget to enter the Give-Away for free tickets to the RDS Rude Health Show on Sept 10th & 11th!!

August 1st: Fallon & Byrne - The Most Allergy-Friendly & Understanding Waitress
August 8th: Carluccio’s: A Dairy, Tomato & Onion Free Dish Found Amid Italian Emotions with a Dedicated Gluten Free Menu
August 29th: Eating Allergy-Free at the Airport (Terminal 1)
August 31st: A Fantastic Allergy Friendly Indian: Delhi O’Deli

August 22nd: Crackerbread! The Wheat & Gluten Free Alternative to Bread
August 24th: Health Matters: The City Centre Shop

August 5th: Keeping A Food Diary
August 19th: What I’m Reading: Allergy Free Roaming
August 26th: Gluten Free Bread Baking & The Xanthan Gum Trials

August 10th: Gluten Free Girl’s Pickling Party: Pickled Peaches
August 12th: Making Your Own Dairy Free Cheese: Vegan Cashew Nut Cheese
August 17th: Dairy Free Mushroom Risotto: The Naturally Gluten Free Italian Classic

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