August 15, 2011

A Camping I Am Gone!

Hello Hello!
I tried to get everything done on time but I fell short so today's post is postponed...

Myself and my very very dear friend C are on the beautiful west coast of Ireland, camping on Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands! ...And if the weather is not absolutely horrific, F will meet us in Doolin, in my beloved Co. Clare and we will continue a few days of camping there!

I have packed up all sorts of allergy-friendly treats for us to eat (I'm head chef this week!) and have even measured out my spices and lentils and rice for minimized luggage! We will be dining dairy free, tomato free, vinegar free, onion free (leeks & scallions are allowed) and egg free. Other than that we are having Mushroom Risotto, Dal with Split Red Lentils and a Chickpea-Courgette-and-Carrot something of my own devising.. We have snacks and salads and lunches and C is in charge of breakfasts and the 2 man cooking set!

So, I had hoped to have a post pre-prepared for you on Crispbreads while I'm away but it will just have to wait..

Please hide your rain-sticks and pray to the sun gods for me because the forecast says rain, rain, and more rain.. oh, and some rain but with any luck they'll be wrong, as usual - I hope!!! And I'll tell you all about everything on my return.

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