July 29, 2011

What I'm Reading: Going Sugar Free; Bloating & FODMAPS; Kitchen Ideas & Some Photographic Eye Candy!

A few links to some of the interesting and occasionally fun things that I have been reading lately on the web. Everything from hidden side-effects and reasons to go Sugar Free; good substitutes for Sugar Free diets; ways of beating bloating and indigestion; possible foods that you might be allergic if you aren't feeling better yet with a crazy but interesting article on cross-reactive foods. Also there are some kitchen tips for using Cilantro (fresh Coriander) and how easy it is to make Raw Nut Butter at home! ... and of course a little bit of eye candy because who doesn't get inspired by beautiful pictures of delicious allergy friendly food!

Sugar & Sweeteners:
A spotlight and reminder of some possible side-effects of sugar. The comments are particularly interesting if you want more than one encounter

A great guest post on the use of sugars and sweeteners (natural and artificial) with info on substitutions helping anyone thinking of, or already trying to live sugar free:

Allergic Reactions, Digestion & Potential Problem Foods:
A helpful encounter with Bloating & FODMAPS:

A bit mad, but interesting and potentially an answer for anyone who is allergic to Gluten and has gone Gluten Free but is not reaping all of the benefits yet:

In the Kitchen:
Making your herby pennies stretch with some simple but helpful tips on using and storing Fresh Cilantro (and now I really want some Twixit Clips but 27 in once bunch seems a bit excessive. Guess I could spread the love with some frugal friends...)

Homemade Nut Butters - trés economical, especially if you buy your nuts in the Asia Market on Drury Street (Dublin 2) - I had read in a book somewhere sometime that you can just keep grinding the nuts in a processor and it will become butter sooner or later but somehow I was doubtful so I was ever so pleased to come across this recipe for homemade RAW nut butter. Moistening is suggested but instead of honey I think maybe flax oil or the likes??

A Little Bit of Eyecandy:
Toungeticklers' pictures are sooo lovely. The recipe is also quite tempting and Dairy Free and Vegan which is a bit of extra allergy fun when we’re talking buttermilk!:


an old-fashioned gal said...

They sell those same clips in IKEA for peanuts. If you just want a couple though, I can hook you up. :) I use them for keeping all my bags of pulses and grains fresh!


Aurea@Survival Guide said...

do they!? Happy days - Now I get an IKEA trip AND cool clips at cheap prices - YEs! Thanks Gill! and Hello freshness and organization :D

all types of food allergies to remember said...

Excellent post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles keep it up. Nice job I really like it!

Aurea@Survival Guide said...

Thanks! so glad that you enjoy it!!