May 5, 2011

The Hangover Cure in Hobart’s – Even for Gluten Free & Dairy Free Diets!

I didn’t actually have a hangover, it was more-so that lazy Sunday morning attitude, despite it being Saturday! F and I were hoping for a hearty, yet allergy free breakfast to start off our lazy day and it was going to have to be porridge again unless I came up with something quick. Luckily, I remembered having read a recommendation from the very lovely ‘Gluten Free Photographer' for gluten free pancakes in Hobarts@Ranelagh. This put us straight onto the road heading for Hobarts because, as you know, I am always looking for new food allergy friendly places in Dublin and where there is Gluten free, there just might be more!

What did we find? A busy busy busy little café on Ranelagh’s main thoroughfare which seemed to fit somewhere between a greasy spoon and a bright, food-allergy-aware café. I love a place that has an all-day breakfast menu, not to mention a place that offers gluten free and dairy free all-day breakfasts!

- Gluten free
- Dairy free
- Vegetarian

The menu doesn’t list everything that is gluten free or dairy free but ask your waiter & they will lead you through your options… which are plentiful. They have gluten free bagels and bread in stock but for the ‘Hobart Breakfast’s’ it will be a matter of substituting the sausage & puddings out for more of something else.

Lately I’ve been trying to reduce my intake of animal protein so the Hobarts famous Hangover Cure fry-up wasn’t really what I had in mind. Instead I had the opportunity to go for something a little more exciting: ‘Hobart’s American Style Mega’ which is none other than pancakes! That’s right pancakes available in a café custom made to either gluten free, dairy free or both!
The pancakes come under bacon, sausages, hash browns and maple syrup. I opted for just the hash browns but was mourning the loss of the bacon (This new regime will take some getting used to!). They were a bit pale (as is the case with many gluten free products) and there were definitely egg in them but on the whole they did the job and for the novelty of getting allergy friendly pancakes in a restaurant/cafe they were worth it alone!

The pancakes were made with soya milk and so I imagine that their smoothies could be easily substituted to suit a dairy free diet. Also, if you can take egg whites but not egg yolks, Hobart’s offers omelets made with egg whites only. All of the soups are gluten & dairy free which is a major benefit because finding suitable soup can be a land mine and other than that the menu says that they offer some gluten free pastries and cakes but there was nothing in stock during our visit…

Finally, for the conscientious consumers among us, you will be happy to hear that Hobarts@Ranelagh serve Café Ology triple-certified, fair-trade, organic and rainforest alliance coffee – so the bases are covered!

Hobarts @ Ranelagh
Location: 55 Ranelagh Village, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
Tel: 01 491 0189
Opening times: mon – sun 08:00-16:00

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