May 19, 2011

Fabulous Dairy Free Biscuits Found in TK Max

Last Wednesday I had the happiest morning! I was about to go downstairs and make myself my regular breakfast of oat bran with berries and ground flax seeds with a side of fruit when the doorbell rang and oh to my surprise - It was the post man with a package for me!! My very good friend C. had posted me some biscuits that she had found which just so happened to be dairy free! C. and her partner P. (also dairy free) had found some ‘Keep Calm and Carry On Fabulous Oatie Flips’ in TK Max (in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2), and had loved them SO much that they returned to buy two more packages AND a package for me!! Yum!
Now, I have technically just given up refined sugar but a gift is a gift,and it's not something that I want to become obsessive over as it's only a choice as opposed to an allergy - and a new choice at that! ... and Oh. My. Goodness.
‘Keep Calm & Carry On Fabulous Oatie Flips’ are Amazing! They don't actually look as good as they are because they are quite pale in colour but the flavour definitely makes up for that! I had to keep re-reading the ingredients because they tasted sooo unbelievably buttery and good that I just couldn’t believe that they were

- Dairy free!
- Egg free!
- Animal protein free!
- Wheat free! –although cross-contamination is always an issue when talking about oats
- Potato free

I had actually seen these ‘Fabulous Oaty Flips’ in TK Max in Portlaoise on a weekend trip but had been on a much stricter regime at that time and had already been far to frivolous that day to warrant buying them for anybody else... So you can imagine my extra delight on them being forced upon me!!
Needless to say, my very healthy breakfast quickly transformed into sugary fat-laden biscuits but not just any sugary fat-laden biscuits, the BEST sugary fat-laden biscuits that I’ve ever had (possibly an exaggeration, but they just taste so buttery!). They also make me wish I lived in the 1940s (minus the war) because these Oatie Flips are supposedly made according to the ‘Original Old Recipe Biscuits’ and if that’s what biscuits tasted like then send me back!

Oh, and they also come in a cool tin too :) So thank you C!

Rolled Oats (48%), Vegetable Fat (contains salt, natural colours: annatto & curcumin, emulsifier E475 & flavouring), Sugar.
Nutritional Information per 100g: unavailable – and maybe it’s better for business that way!

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