March 21, 2011

Good Finds: Pure Foods – Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

Well I certainly had a sunny and ‘food allergy free’ rich weekend! Not only did I try THREE new dairy free chocolate bars, but I finally caught ‘The Baking House’ in action and off the top of my head invented the best muffins ever! ...and to top it all off: I also fell upon the new wheat free, gluten free and dairy free baking company ‘Pure Foods’ out in the Marley Park Saturday Market!
I will share all of my finds in due course over the next few weeks (I need to do a bit more research, perfecting, and measuring first) but I will, for now, tell you all about our sunny Saturday visit to the Pure Foods stand in Marley Park.

F & I were heading out to do the first part of the ‘Wicklow Way’ (for our foreign friends - the Wicklow Way is a famous Dublin mountain hiking path) which starts in Marley Park, when we saw that the Saturday market was in full swing. I was eager to get on our way but F urged me to have a look ‘just in case’ we should find something ‘I’ could eat. I later noted that his true inspiration for ‘looking’ was to get a falafel before the hike! But I can’t hold it against him because what a find there was within those walls!

Pure Foods is a new bakery on the scene. They are predominately wheat and gluten free but have some dairy free in there too for good measure. The Pure Foods team is a Mother-Daughter duo who have been privately baking up a ceoliac storm for 25 years and have decided to share their wealth! In their own words, they home bake all of their products with the ‘finest and freshest ingredients coming from local suppliers which are organic and sustainably produced’.

- Wheat free
- Gluten free
- Dairy free
- Corn free (ask for guidance)
- Soya free (ask for guidance)

Something I love about markets is that you often find the proprietors/bakers themselves at the stands so you can totally trust them to know all of the ingredients! In keeping with this, Pure Foods were able to tell me that in addition to wheat, gluten and dairy that they use very little corn (outside of their polenta cake and Cornbread) or soya so with a little bit of requested guidance multiple food-allergy-diets might find some gastronomic delights in Marley Park on a Saturday!

Unfortunately I arrived a little late (about 12:45) to the market and most of the dairy free products were already sold out! –Could you get a better recommendation than that?! So I was sadly unable to try out what was on offer but can I just say that the brownies looked the closest to the traditional wheat and gluten filled brownies of my Canadian upbringing that I have ever seen in this free-from world?! ...If looks count for anything, then perfection is the word that comes to mind. But please, if anybody gets a bite, let me know what you think! Also, a major bonus is that there are free samples for all of the produce which is also testament to good taste.

As a new company the list of suppliers is growing but at the moment you can find ‘Pure Foods’ at the Marley Park Market every Saturday in Rathfarnham. They are also supplying some local, south Dublin cafes such as:

- Lowes Café, The Rise, Mount Merrion
- Café Divino, Tree’s Rd, Mount Merrion
- Simply Delicious, Foxrock
and of course,
- The Marley Park Café itself

And just to get your taste buds pumping, the menu is…

Cakes: Ultimate Chocolate Orange, Spanish Almond, Lemon Drizzle, Carrot, Marvelous Flourless Brownies, Polenta Almond & Blueberry, Raspberry
Cupcakes: Belgian Chocolate, Lemon
Breakfast Muffins: Blueberry & Pecan, Rhubarb & Strawberry, Banana & Maple Syrup
Fresh Gluten Free Breads: Brown Soda, Sundried Tomato, Cornbread, Banana Bread
Scones: Traditional, Fruit, Blueberry & Cinnamon, Poppyseed & Lemon, Sundried Tomato & Fennel, Stilton & Apple
Healthy Snacks: Crunchy Gluten Free Granola

And there were definitely cookies at the market too!

Pure Foods
Tel: 087 682 1991

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