March 9, 2011

Egg Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free Pancakes!

With a full tummy and a happy start to Lent I would like to share with you our Pancake Tuesday spread. This pancake recipe is wonderfully versatile. They can be made as lovely crepes with crispy edges (I LOVE the crispy edges!) or as a thicker traditional pancake. They suit sweet or savoury fillings and made our Pancake Tuesday a delightful gastronomic occasion! Note: the below recipe makes a HUGE amount of pancakes (15!) – and remember that there a lot of ground almonds in this mix so they are very filling, but luckily the recipe is easily divided…

- Wheat free
- Gluten free
- Egg free
- Dairy free
- Sugar free
- Vegan

Egg Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free Pancakes
Makes 15 pancakes

1 cup gram flour
1 cup tapioca flour
2 cups rice flour
4 cups ground almonds
4.5+ cups rice milk (more or less depending on desired consistency ie: pancakes or crepes)
A pinch of salt
Vegan margarine for the skillet

Sift the gram, tapioca and rice flour together. Add the salt and ground almonds and mix together thoroughly (I like to use a whisk just to keep the gram flour from clumping together). Add the milk according to the type of pancake you are making (more milk for crepes). Mix thoroughly with the whisk.
You can start making the pancakes immediately or you can cover the bowl with cling film and store in the fridge until you are ready (I made mine 4-5 hours before I fired up the stove top)

Heat a pan to a moderate-high heat (being careful to not let the pan get too hot). Butter the pan (the more butter you use to grease the pan, the crispier your edges will be, especially relevant when making crepes).
Add a ladleful at a time and tilt the pan around until you have an evenly distributed pancake. Leave on the heat until you see the edges browning. Flip and cook until the underside is a somewhat even golden colour.
Place on a plate under tin foil and store in the oven at 100C to keep warm.

Then top with whatever your heart desires!

Some ideas outside of the Irish staple of lemon and sugar…
- Vegan margarine & maple syrup – the time tested superior choice! ;)
- Vegan margarine & St. Dalfour’s Raspberry and Pomegranate jam
- Allergy friendly chocolate shavings, thinly sliced banana & rice whip
- Pureed canned peaches (drained from their natural juice), rice whip, raspberries, blueberries & maple syrup

- Tomato tapenade (see
- Tomato tapenade & spinach and mushrooms (cooked with powdered ginger, turmeric, salt and a bit of lemon juice)
- Spinach & Mushrooms (same as above) with minced fresh rosemary & thyme with lemon juice

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