February 15, 2011

Fresh 'n Tasty

Fresh has been around longer than Blazing Salads (which is owned by a different branch of the Blazing Salads blood line) and yet I must admit that I have only been there twice! I think that it is because it is out of the way up in the rafters of the Powerscourt Townhouse. But truly that is a very poor excuse when food allergy eating is such a scarce commodity so get thee/me to Powerscourt! Fresh is set up very much like a canteen up on the top floor of the townhouse. There are two entrances – one is through the Italian balcony based restaurant and the second is at the back from the Clarendon St side of the building by the washrooms.
The only way I can describe Fresh is as a bridge between Cornucopia (see my Aug 4th 2010 log) and Blazing Salads (see my Sept 11th 2011 log). There is a large chalk board upon entering (behind the counter) which lists all of the foods available and their allergy free attributes as well as a counter where you can view the salads and sweets.
With ample seating it is a great place to perch after a shopping expedition for a quiet snack or a lunch with friends. It is particularly laid back early in the day during weekdays before the lunch rush if you have the time…

Fresh is a vegetarian café which caters to a range of food allergy friendly diets such as:

- Dairy free
- Wheat free
- Gluten free
- Yeast free
- Egg free
- Sugar free
- Raw
- Vegan
- and Vegetarian, obviously

Possibly one of the more exciting elements of Fresh is their catering service available for large or small business functions or home based events which will ensure that all of your guests can fill up without leaving anyone out (A major benefit for those familiar with the plight of office functions for the food allergy worker!).
The last time I was there I had some refreshing bean salads and peppermint tea and my sister had a dairy free baklava which was easy on the filo and heavy on the nutty filling with a sweet sauce drizzled on top which she said was the perfect level of sweetness. And of course I will point out that dairy free baklava is welcome at any time in my life! ;)
So take a hike up to the third floor of the Powerscourt shopping centre and rejuvenate with a happy, healthy food allergy free lunch or bring it to the office if you know of an employee who is always bringing their own snacks along so as not to draw attention by going hungry during that lunch meeting!

Cafe Fresh
Location: Top Floor, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre
South William St
Dublin 2
tel: (01) 671 9669
web: www.cafe-fresh.com
Opening times: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00;Sat 09:00-18:00 (note: hot food finishes 17:15)

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Petite Treats said...

I adore the Vegan Reuben sandwich from Fresh- definitely best toasted mmmmm!