October 18, 2010

A Few Updates On Dublin with Food Allergies

Just like the seasons, one following the other endlessly, life with food allergies keeps moving forward. There are new products on the market, new places to buy them and new restaurants to try out and hopefully enjoy! So it would be unfair and unrealistic to write one log and never look back...

Brick Alley Café & Soya Milk Coffees
In my haste to give you a few soya milk coffee and tea options in the city centre I forgot to include an old favourite. I have updated last week's 'Get Your Fix' to include the Brick Alley Café. Far from a new addition in Dublin (except for it's name!) the Brick Alley Café is a wonderful place to have coffee and soya milk is definitely on the menu! Please see the full review on October 15th log - 'Travelling to Dublin? - Get Your Fix'

Nolan's Food Fare & Dairy Free Ice Cream
Being so close to home it's not surprising to find myself frequently browsing the shelves of Nolan's Food Fare in Terenure. What is (delightfully) surprising however, is to notice that they have expanded their produce to include Swedish Glacé soya ice cream. If you are dairy free and Nolan's Food Fare is on your path then the time to rejoice is now! Swedish Glacé is a top quality dairy free ice cream. I will write more about it in an ice cream special that i hope to have for you in the not too distant future but for now be clear that it is a genuine attribute to the dairy free people in the area as it's not always convenient to buy your ice cream in town (if you don't have a car that is!). I hope that you can find a reason to indulge soon! For more on Nolan's Food Fare please see August 30th log - 'Gluten Free Haven - Nolan's Food Fare'

Wheat Free Asafoetida
Finally, for anyone who has been patiently awaiting an update on my asafoetida debacle last August 18th - 'Hidden Wheat' I can finally report: wheat free asafoetida users can now turn to either 'Down to Earth' (see the 'Shop Short List' page located on the title bar) for the pure ground spice or 'Green Cuisine' brand which is stocked at a number of locations throughout the city such as Evergreen (35 Wexford St, D2) or many of the asian and indian grocers throughout the city such as the Asian Food Co (55 Mary St, D1).

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