September 27, 2010

Down To Earth Health Food Store

Down to Earth is probably the largest health food shop in Dublin. Centrally located on South Great Georges Street makes it convenient for most Dubliner's and especially handy for visitors and tourists with food allergy needs. However, it is the sheer range of products carried which makes Down to Earth a first choice for many. They have been in business for 28 years, starting out as a family run business in Malahide, and have kept up a wide variety of products in all health categories be it vitamins, minerals, cereals, milks, pastas, breads, snacks, spreads, detergents, cosmetics, aromatherapy... You could even describe it as a one stop shop if you were so inclined.
Down to Earth's major attributes are:

- largest selection of products available offering genuine choice in every category
- largest range of flours and grains in dublin
- dedicated area & assistant for natural cosmetics and aromatherapy
- online shopping available through

Their number one attribute, of course, is variety. If I want to see what's on the market in relation to i.e: sugar free spreads, dairy free milks or maybe wheat free cereals, I can almost be guaranteed a healthy selection of what's available in Down to Earth. The prices can be higher than their competitors on some products like flours and grains but likewise they can be cheaper on others such as oat cakes or snacks. The problem with determining price is that you have to factor in the city centre location and convenience of the service.
If you are just beginning a restricted diet based on food allergies I highly recommend stopping into Down To Earth to get a good feel for what choices you have for food substitutions and later, once you have settled into your new diet you can look for your new favourite products in shops closer to home or work. Likewise, if you are a visitor to Dublin and are looking for a product which you can get at home Down to Earth should be your first stop.

Down To Earth
73 South Great Georges St
Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 671 9702

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