September 16, 2010

Dining in Dublin, Food Allergy Style - Juice

As you probably know by now, the main purpose of Survival Guide is to sketch out a guide to living, shopping and dining in Dublin with Food Allergies. The goal is to help both local Dubliners, and visitors alike, be it new residents, day-trippers or foreign holidayers...
I've started by logging the restaurants and shops which clearly mark the allergy friendly foods and products that they offer. It is my greater goal to have a full guide which lists all the helpful and understanding businesses in Dublin which can and will cater to customers with food allergies..
Juice, on South Great Georges St is one of these places, which is usually the case with vegetarian establishments. When eating in a dedicated vegetarian restaurant vegan dishes are almost always a possibility which of course translates to dairy free and egg free! Soya, wheat and gluten can be a bit more tricky but it is well worth the effort because the wholefood quality is usually of a high standard and Juice is no exception to this rule. The interior is fine for lunch but I find it a little raw for evening meals. However, the menu is full and colourful and if you are vegan it's a great place to go with your mind at ease!
The menu is, of course, predominantly vegetarian but they cater to:
- vegetarian
- vegan
- dairy free
- egg free
- nut free
With 10-14 dishes marked as vegan between the different menus and with a bit of questioning it is very possible to get a meal to suit your own requirements. I personally recommend the Veg Fried Rice with tempeh. Another service on the Juice menu is the 'contains nuts' markings warning against 2-6 different dishes which contain nuts. This is always a blessing for nut allergy sufferers as their reactions are commonly severe.
Throwing decor to the wind I have to say that I am partial to eating anywhere that can offer a dairy free dessert and Juice offer at least three which are vegan (Orange Sorbet, Fruit Crumble and Soya Tofutti Ice Cream), not to mention a whole selection of Juices and Smoothies.
And last but not least, this being Ireland, it is important to mention that Juice also have a wine list with regular and organic varieties and the option of adding Rum to your smoothie which is nice because not everybody wants to restrict alcohol from their already limited diets!

73 - 83 South Great Georges Street
Dublin 2
tel: (01) 475 7856

Opening Times: Mon - Sun 11:00 - 23:00

For a full list of food allergy friendly dining options please see the 'Restaurant Directory' page located under the main title.

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