August 25, 2010

Sweet Attack - Corner Bakery

I know that I preach 'health food' and the wickedness of sugar to my friends, flatmates and co-workers (and myself!) all the time but if the truth be known - I have one tooth which is larger than all the rest and that is my sweet tooth. Maybe it's because my food allergies limit me so much that I dedicate so much time to finding tempting food allergy friendly treats... But whatever the reason I would like to announce that I like sweets as much as (if not more than) the next person. Although I have given up sugar in the past and felt great, in a normal world without taking on extra restrictions I admit that I like NOTHING more than pastries and baked goods which brings me to Terenure's aptly named Corner Bakery.

The Corner Bakery has been the receiver of 2007, 2008 and 2009 'Bridgestone Best In Ireland' plaques and I have no doubt that 2010 is ready for the wall. In addition to this, to my delight, I have discovered that all of their breads and bars are egg free (note: unfortunately the apple pie has an egg wash) and that their croissants and most of their breads are sugar free. However, the real cream (pardon the pun) comes if you are primarily dairy free because their berry bars, apple bars (which look amazing) and their brownies, chocolate chip cookies and some of their breads are dairy free as well! This is obtained by using a dairy free margarine as a substitute. In addition to all of this, the baker/proprietor assured me that they don't use corn or maize in the bakery at all although they do use glucose syrup but he believes that in Ireland glucose syrup is made from beets and not from corn but I'll leave it to the corn allergy sufferers to make their own call on that.

The temptations on offer are not labelled according to their 'food allergy' friendliness but with a very small bit of questioning the staff are happy to direct you to your new best friends! For safety I always advise questioning anytime foods are not listed according to specific food allergies or ingredients purely because procedures, ingredients and manufacturers can change without notice. Also one should always keep in mind cross-contamination. The Corner Bakery is a small production so cross-contamination can always be a problem for the hyper-sensitive food allergy sufferers among us. Apart from this I hope that you will take a trip to Terenure for a little indulgence!

The Corner Bakery
17 Terenure Road North
Dublin 6W
tel: (01) 490 6210

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 08:30 to 18:00; Sun 09:00 to 13:00

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