August 18, 2010

Hidden Wheat

As I'm sure most Wheat Allergy sufferers and indeed Gluten and Yeast Allergy sufferers are aware, the wicked wheat grain can tuck itself away in the most unexpected places. For a full list of common products which are on high alert for wheat, gluten and yeast content please see my 'Diet Details' page.
I had read all about wheat flour sneakily hiding in spice mixes and breadcrumbs camouflaged in ground almonds but I was foolishly under the impression that I personally needn't worry 'too' much about this as I always venture to purchase good quality foods and spices... I suppose you can see where this is going...

Today's web log is just a friendly reminder to all allergy sufferers to please read EVERYTHING and never take ANYTHING for granted. Not only can ingredient lists change all the time and without notice but the most truly unexpected foods will contain your personal evil.

Asafoetida (also spelled 'Asafetida') is a Persian spice resembling the flavour of onions and/or garlic. Not many are familiar with it but once introduced it can become a cooking staple. Today is my second day on my newly (ultra) restrictive diet as per my log on August 6th. How disappointed was I after shaking Asafoetida all over my culinary creation to find myself questioning its appearance and therefore taking a second look at the package?... If you are a user please beware that the most common brand found in Dublin is 'Vandevi' and notably the last ingredient is indeed 'Wheat Flour'. My apologies to the Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Yeast Free communities. I feel the pain on behalf of us all.
I will keep a keen eye out for any other brands that may be available. Also please remember that you can never question too much when it comes to eating out. It is my understanding that Govinda's restaurant most likely use Asafoetida a lot in their cooking as garlic is a restricted food for Hare Krishnas so do ask if the meal you are choosing could be a problem.

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