July 26, 2010

YorkTest & Vegan Bread on the Horizon

I at last (Friday morning) received my FoodScan 113 Food Intolerance Test from YorkTest Laboratories but had to wait ever so patiently until today to prick my finger and send it off. I have no doubt that YorkTest Laboratories manage perfectly well each and every day in getting the results of everyone’s food intolerance tests completed within their 48 hour turnaround but little miss paranoid (aka me) became so worked up over postal times and turnarounds and inaccuracies in tests processed after 48 hours that I couldn’t relax with just the free post envelope as my insurance and so forked out an extra €20.40 for a DHL overnight courier. I know that it was probably unnecessary and excessive but all the literature on food intolerance blood tests stress the importance of the 48 hours so much that I thought better safe than sorry… or worse still – unsure! So it is in the post and on its way to York and I patiently wait once more for the 10 working days to pass until I have my results. Generally I’m like a child on Christmas when waiting for any type of test results but it’s especially true with this one. I am really looking forward to getting a clear and concise guide to my personal food allergies and intolerances and ending all the smoke and mirrors in relation to my digestion problems.
Also on the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures. The weather was lovely and some of the shows were really captivating. Of course one of the main attractions for me is always browsing the different food stands and seeing what’s on offer for us dietary restricted folk and to my delight I fell upon a stall from France airing luxuries from ‘The Baking House’ based in Co. Wicklow. I almost passed them by trying to not torture myself by ogling all of their custard flans and whatnot but to my surprise I found at the end of their spread of buttery rainbow of creations: two different milk free, sugar free, egg free vegan breads - An Apricot Loaf and a Walnut & Date Loaf!
I wasn’t able to sample them this time as I had limited storage space and had just eaten but word on the street is that The Baking House takes a stall at Dun Laoghaire’s famous Peoples’ Park market on Sundays! So I have the market penciled into my diary for Sunday week and hope that the taste matches the appearance of this find!


catherine said...

Hi there, is this 'soul' bread brand because I've noticed a dairy free apricot bread available at Fallon & Byrne in Exchequer St and also at the Rathmines Dunnes just this week?! Or has someone died and left the recipe for a dairy free apricot bread to a fractioned family?

Aurea Conroy said...

That's hilarious! The bread at the festival was 'brandless' with
regards to wrappers etc. but came from 'The Baking House'. Lets hope
that the greater dairy free community likes apricot! I will have to
action a battle of the breads - thanks for the tip

Dale Lee Bread said...

I know that some people would say that finding dairy-free bread is the yeast of my worries but you gotta believe me, I knead help. My life is going a-rye and while I'm on a roll here, I'd like to declare my loaf for bread, muffin compares to you, i knead you tonight so don't you break my achy bakey heart and never baguette where we're coming from because baby you put a spelt on me and even dough this is going to sound crumby no matter how I slice it I can't help paraphrasing Malt Loaf to tell you that I'm coming for you like a ciabatta from hell because I love you crust the way you are!

Aurea Conroy said...

:) ahhaha.. well I'll try to do a roll-call of dairy free breads and other food allergy friendly varieties available in Dublin to help you on your cereal search -sorry.. i'm crumbs at puns :(