May 5, 2010

Food Allergy Friendly: nakd. - Pecan Pie

During lunch today I was scouring the streets of Dublin looking for a completely healthy lunch time dessert. The outcome was the nakd. Pecan Pie. On the healthfood and allergy-free index this little pecan pie comes up trumps. However, on the taste index its good, but its not amazing. Being completely sugar free makes it a good snack and it is definitely a tasty enough little product for an extremely restricted diet (everything is sweeter and tastier when you can't have much). But I feel that the title is a bit misleading. It certainly didn't taste like pie and as to the pecan part, well, i wasn't bowled over with pecan goodness. My overall impression was that it tastes like it needs more ingredients to bring out the best of the foods already present - maybe something like nutmeg or something else from baking land to help it live up to its name.

Brand: nakd.
Variety: Pecan Pie

Ingredients: raw dates (52%), raw pecans (28%), raw almonds (20%)


* gluten free
* dairy free
* wheat free
* raw (cold-pressed, not baked)
* no added sugar or syrups
* vegetarian
* vegan

Price: €1.50
Local Dublin suppliers: Down To Earth

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